Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Just in case you never got around to preordering your Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, you won't really have to worry about it any more. As noted on the Sprint website, they've already sold through their allotted preorder inventory and are advising folks to just pick one up on April 22nd in stores. That is, assuming you can find one. Anyone want to speculate what helped preorder sales? We have a small idea that certainly could have helped a little.

Source: Sprint; Thanks, Zachary!


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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus preorder inventory already sold out


Nice. Glad people are still excited for this phone. I imagine the EVO LTE is going to sell out just as fast.

you already got a scheduled delivery date? mine hasn't updated i just think it will be here tomorrow because the delivery method is next day air saver :)

Mine is arriving TODAY! *Happy Dance!* Got a tracking number that shows it's already out for delivery. So I expect it will be waiting for me when I get home.

This article makes me laugh at all the naysayers going "Too little, too late Sprint!" and "Nobody is going to buy this now that the new EVO is out." Buwaa haa haa haa! Morons.

There is ALWAYS a market for the pure Google experience. ICS is a leap forward, why would anyone want to bastardize that with some mfr's cruft apps and crappy custom gui? Not surprised these sold out at all.

Still waiting for a tracking number!!!! I just new i would have had a email by now

Oh i just didn't get a email....Already has a UPS Next day sticker just not been picked up yet..Sch for tomorrow.

I doubts it has anything to do with the $50 Google wallet offer and everything to do with that people are tired of skins by manufacturers. I know i am

I used to feel this way but stock is missing too much so i end up flashing roms all the time anyway which feels no different than using a skinned ROM that has the bells and whistles.

I concur. Besides, the Google Wallet credit runs until May 22nd, so it's not exclusive to the pre-order. That being said, I'm glad I pre-ordered on Monday :)

Yea.......That's because do you know how many of these are shipped out tonight! That info may not even be available until delv. Chances are look after midnight and you will see your tracking number along with a email from sprint. Most will receive the phone tomorrow if you ordered the first day and don't live in the woods.

Waiting for may 7th. Not that I will buy a phone with touchwiz, but I just want to see what is next.

Guarantee since no one can get to the battery the first issue with the EVO LTE will be people complaining of the device getting too warm and stand by time. lol

I never got an email, but I do have a tracking number, and I have UPS sending me SMS updates on the status of the package. Can't wait to get my new GNEX, thinking i should call out from work tomorrow so I can have a 3 day weekend to set up my phone!! Come on UPS!!

Going to Verizon and disappointed that I have to give up my E4GT for a Nexus. I guess I would rather have a better camera then the 720p screen...

I ordered mine online Wednesday. Mine just departed Loiusville!! Scheduled arrival is tomorrow!!!

This Galaxy Nexus feels and looks great! Don't LTE phones have sim cards for the LTE? I took off the back cover, and I didn't see one.