Sprint Galaxy S III

Don't get your hopes up folks, it's not Jellybean but there will be an OTA update rolling for the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III over the course of the next four days. Unfortunately Sprint hasn't provided too much information about the update other than the fact that it is a "Google Security Update". What exactly that means we are unsure, but hopefully it addresses any bugs or lingering issues that you may have noticed in your time with the device. If you have not already, be sure to check for the OTA update, and if you don't have it today don't freak out -- they plan to have it to 100% of the devices over the next four days.

Source: Sprint; via: Android Central Forums


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Sprint Galaxy S III getting another update


This is business strategy 101. It's called analyzing your external environment. You have to be aware of your competitors. This is something RIM should have been doing for quite some time. It's good to see the CEO becoming familiar with their competition. He will need to be able to provide the strategic vision that will try and get RIM up to speed with it's competition. Something the previous co-CEOs failed at miserably.

The frequent updates is a bit worrying and a bit comforting. It is good to see sprint willing to do what it takes to update the device when needed but what's the deal with all the updates without a change log

Yeah odd is an under statement they must be having problems with the device on it's network. All I could say is nothing has been heard of any problems on Tmobile or At&t. Tmobile and it's version has been out the longest and in stores since June 28th and it's been so perfect. Glad I left Verizon for Tmobile...

T-Mo and AT&T don't have official Google Wallet support. Besides the fact that they aren't CDMA phones. So this really is apples and oranges. I'm glad for Sprint

I agree. I just saw that the update for the AT&T Skyrocket (4.0.4) is rolling out. And here we got ANOTHER update for the SIII but us GSII owners are left pulling our puds waiting for some kind of anything? I'm totally disappointed in Samsung and Sprint at this moment.

Yeah, when is that update due out? Does anyone know or is Sprint waiting for everyone else to beat them to the punch?

Welcome to land of Evo 3D.

Yes Sprint has the update, and no they won't roll it out in the middle of the GSIII launch.

Hopefully my Evo 3D will see ICS this month. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for JB to come this quick on a phone that just hit the market.

Didn't the HTC E4G come out first? Can they get an update to fix some of there multi tasking issuea?

That would likely be HTC's issue, the phone makers patch for each carrier, the carrier tests and releases. If the Dev's haven't seen an update for the Evo than it likely isn't out there from HTC.

There's conversations in the Forum pertaining to this update apparently killing the global search functionality of the Sprint GS3. I can no longer perform a search on apps, contacts, etc. by holding down the menu key. It appears to only search Google now.

After trying everything I could think of, I did a factory reset and that seemed to fix the problem. I think I deleted something important that I thought was bloatware. Even so, the S-calendar app is still crashing unexpectedly