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We imagine there are quite a few pitchforks being raised right about now. Sprint dropped the bad news on Twitter that while the new Evo 4G will be getting Android 2.2 (which was already announced anyway), the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero will not. Sorry, folks. That's just the way it is. But the good news is you can head over to your favorite forums -- ahem -- and get instructions for rooting and ROMing for the Hero and the Moment. [Twitter] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Sprint Hero, Moment won't get Froyo


what are you talking about the hero was released less than a year ago...and it runs neck to neck with the moment (i did alot of research before buying both my kids a hero). if this is going to be their future policies 6 months of updates and you have just bought a phone and are stuck with a 2 year contract, i might have to rethink staying with Sprint.

Sah... You... You don't get it do you? It's not SPRINT'S fault. It's Google's they say that those phones can't run it. Hell it's HTC's, those phones need certain processors and such or it's going to lag. Plus, if it's your kids phones don't complain for them. I bet they don't notice or care and if they do... I'm pretty sure they know SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE that can root their phone.

"Waaah, but, but, that requires work for me to root my phone!"

How do you think Sprint feels when they get blamed for stupid things like this and if they did release 2.2 and it ran slow, you'd still cry and whine about it. Matter fact. I don't care. Switch. Go pay more, you do that. Go get the Droid X for you and your kids and enjoy your 300 dollar month family plan when your kids go over their minutes because guess what?.. THEIR KIDS! KIDS DO THAT!!! When they talk about proms, dates, break ups and make ups.

So stop it... You got 6 months to go to get an upgrade. Sit there and wait! Just wait! OMG! And guess what? In about 6 months 2.3 will be out so all of this will be Null and void.

Thank you sir.

On the hero it didn't surprise me cuz imo its just about end of lifespan on it,but the
moment on the ont hand I was pretty shocked to read that Sprint won't go ahead & upgrade it to 2.2.

How is it at end of life? They're still selling it with 2 year contracts! Besides, the MyTouch 3G is said to get Froyo and it's practically the same hardware, so this is less "can't do", more "don't want to".

i didn't say it couldn't handle Froyo, I was meaning Sprint wants to phase out the Hero so that it can focus on the EVO. when I say end of lifespan I meant on SPRINT'S TERMS, hey up until the other day VZW was selling the Eris with 2 year contracts, and where did it go????

Fine with me, I am waiting for a fully working ROM! Darch will take care of us that are Rooted! Plus I am getting my EVO next month!!

Radioactive Eclair DE03 ROM v1.5.4. its stock 2,1 android, but its amazing on battery life, itll last u a WHOLE DAY for sure

They are hoping that this will make you want a new phone and buy the EVO. Why wouldn't you want the EVO anyway?

BINGO! nailed it exactly, Sprint wants you to buy the evo and buy it now! I mean come on it makes PERFECT business sense for Sprint to push the evo onto as many customers as possible, Why? cuz when you do it's an extra $10 bucks or $40 into Sprint's pockets if you go with the mobile hotspot feature.

This is why I had to get the evo, knew they wouldn't update my hero. So gave the wife my leftovers and got an evo. Great phone much faster than the hero. Can't wait for 2.2

I wonder why this is, cause Moment is powerful enough to run Froyo. I wish someone at Sprint, Samsung or HTC can explain this on how they decide what phone gets what. I maybe can understand about the Hero but not about the Moment.

I just switched from AT&T to Sprint and due to bad timing, I only heard the guys answer my email on the Podcast about whether I should get the Hero AFTER I got it. Wouldn't the enhanced performance from 2.2 be a boon to those who have the Hero and complain about the performance, or do the system requirements for the new version outweigh the benefit of the new JIT?

I really like the design of the Hero because I wanted a non-slider Android phone that won't hit me with the $10/month "Evo tax." So, I ask you, kind readers of the Android Central forums... Should I root the thing?

I think you will find that the "EVO tax" will quickly EVOlve into an "all newly released, high-end phones tax". If you read your contract, that extra $10 you pay WILL NOT GO AWAY, even if you return the EVO and go with a different phone (yep, kinda shocked me when I saw that).

Well, leave it to the cell providers to find new and creative ways to mess with our minds (and money).

I agree that they did this in order to get people to buy more phones. However CyanogenMod plans on releasing 2.2 Rom for the Hero... not sure about the Moment.

Not surprising that the Moment and Hero will not recieve 2.2 updates. Both are nearing the end of their lifecycle. The Moment 2 is not that far off, and undoubtedly there will be a new entry level device to replace the Hero. Just because you got the phone with a two year agreement, doesn't mean you're going to get two years worth of updates (aside from patches) for the device.

For those of you bitching about it, get over it. Sprint/HTC/Samsung didn't have to release updates to 2.1. I don't see how it makes much sense for them to continue devote resources to EOL'd devices. Since Froyo was just released, and the Evo is a brand new handset, I do expect to see the 2.2 update. I don't, however, expect Sprint/HTC to release Android 2.3 or 3.0 for the Evo.

Welcome to the real world of wireless.

Why is everybody so mad. this is a good thing. end fragmentation...sprint gives upgrades yearly...and most people (non android centralist) dont care. i seen 3 people with android phones today...i move their clocks and put it back and were so amazed...they dont care so why do we....for those who do theres always the reliable CYANOGENMOD!

>sprint gives upgrades yearly..

Um, no they don't. To get yearly upgrades, you have to be a Premier customer. Plus, even if you are a Premier customer, if you are on a family plan, only ONE of the phones is eligible. AND, you still have to pay hundreds of dollars. AND you get locked into another contract (and often with higher rates or new restrictions).

What's so hard about being a Premier customer? You get a contract and keep it for 6 months, then you're a Premier Customer. And when you upgrade it doesn't extend the contract or put you in a new one. And can you tell me what carrier doesn't make you pay hundreds of dollars? Sprint is the cheapest too and in my area I get great coverage. So stop bitching

YOU ARE EXTREMELY WRONG. Stop spreading mis-information.

You have to spend over $100 a year for 6 months, or you have to be a continuous customer for 10 years to be a Sprint Premier customer. And when you upgrade, IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES EXTEND YOUR CONTRACT. You are signing a new 2 year contract and also subject to any new rates and restrictions.

And how is it THAT difficult to become a premier customer? 69.99/mo for six months for individiual plans, 99.99/mo for six months on family plans, or a customer for 10 years. Pretty much anyone can qualify without even trying. And doing so DOES qualify you for annual upgrades.

People always bitching about contract extensions. If you don't want a contract, fine, cough up the full retail for the phone. Personally, it's not that big a deal and is worth the annual discount towards a new device.

I never said it was difficult, I was correcting mis-information. And no, not just anyone can qualify without trying. I will guess that at least half of Sprint's customers don't qualify because they are < 10 years or have < $100 family (or < $70 individual) bills.

It is a good benefit Sprint offers, although loyalty (10 years!) should be rewarded more than newbies with $70($100)/mo plans.

crxssi just stop. Anyone can qualify. I was on the 69.99 plan, customer for less than two years, and bam, premier qualified after 6 months.

UMMMM YES THEY DO GENIUS......if youhave an adroid device or hell ANY device with sprint and are not on that 69.99 any mobile anytime plan then your alot dumber then you seem. Lets see upgrade every year, 25% off all accesories at a sprint store not to mention other perks hell the first two alone is worth paying 69.99. Oh and i know im sure to get some sprint bashers with this one but did you sprint has the same coverage as verizon? When you "roam" with VZW guess whose towers your on and vice versa. Oh have you heard of the spyder network?3 towers at a time not 2? guess who has that? Not VZW. Let me finish by asking this. When was the last time Motorola or LG actually put out a half decent phone smart phone? Theres a reason Sprint invests with Samsung and HTC and not LG and Motorola lol. If you want second rate phones at an insanely high monthly prices hit me up ill direct to a VZW store. Sprint may be number 3 on the list but its the number 1 and 2 guys that are playing catch up. Oh and while your at VZW ask them why you have a 350 dollar ETF for your Smart phone but your friend that has sprint only has 200 and why does Sprint drop your ETF 10 bux every month but VZW only does 5?

>Glad I have an Evo.

And in 6 or 9 months or something, it is quite possible that Evo users will be in the same boat come 2.3 or 2.4 time. Really, it seems quite "unfair" that the phone carriers do not work harder to ensure that phones will be updated over their 2 year contract period. I can understand the many reasons why not, but it still doesn't seem fair.

You must be new to the wireless world.

Wireless companies have never put much energy into keeping devices updated. Why would you expect them to start now? In the age of Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile, you MIGHT see one or two OFFICIAL updates during the life of the device, but nothing really beyond that.

There are simply too many devices coming out too quickly for the carriers to support perpetual updates. It also reduces the incentive for a customer to buy a new device. The average shelf life for a phone, particularly a feature phone is maybe about six months. I own an Evo and am looking forward to Android 2.2, but don't expect to see an official update to 2.3, 3.0, or beyond. And no, it doesn't bother me, nor do I see it as really unfair.

As a Moment owner I'm not surprised. Samsung is coming out with a new phone Galaxy Pro that I'm sure they wanna sell instead of last years tech plus will the settings on the Moment hold up under Froyo. Sprint will only update your software to a point so they can make an extra 100 off those people who are freaks about having to have the top of the line constantly. I love my phone and depending how the Galaxy pro looks and feels I will get one at my year mark and pass this one to my kids. Yes I wanna get Froyo and would love to get an HDMI output but only if and when we get Flash for our android system.

I posted this on the facebook page but I'll also copy and paste my thoughts on here.


While there isn't that many major changes in Froyo from the previous OS, it would really benefit from the significant speed increase, especially since it has a slower processor/less memory.

And it's not even that. it's the principal of the thing. They lock people into a 2 year contract and they don't even commit to updating the software on the phone phone for EVEN a year?! So what happens when apps are created and they only support Android 2.2+? This forces people to buy another phones off of contract or to add another line if they're on a family plan to stay relevant.

Sorry, that's crap service and ethically questionable. It would be one thing if the phone, literally, couldn't support the new OS. It's just a matter of "they aren't willing to," as people already have the OS on their rooted Hero/Moment phones and they aren't having any issues from what I've heard.

Neither wireless companies nor manufacturers have EVER supported continual updates for a device. Why does everyone expect them to start now? They want to sell new devices, not keep focusing resources on old. That is, has been, and will always be the reality.

If the phone still works, still accesses data, still able to use apps, how is it not relevant. If you WANT or MUST HAVE the newest, there is a price to pay for that...shelling out money for new hardware. You aren't going to get something for nothing.

If you don't want a discount towards a device in exchange for a two year agreement, then by all means, shell out the full retail price for the phone.

i know it's been said--but i'm falling in line: "if i weren't a Premier Customer with Sprint, i'd be (going back to Verizon after being with Sprint for 4 months)leaving."

waiting til February is going to suuuuuuuuuuuck. seriously. this better not happen with a new phone (ie HTC Evo2) in February--able to get Gingerbread, and then when Android H (Honeybun, anyone?) is released--the 6month old phone won't get it b/c it isn't supported.

freaking A!

i have an evo and i love it but if i don't get supported up to 2.3 then i will buy my next phone off contract and never buy another contract phone again.

Honestly, this doesn't surprise me. How many upgrading Hero and Moment contracts will be upgrading soon or next year? They'll will be plenty of Android phones with 2.2 out by next year.

Why waste time on the Hero and the Moment upgrading them to FroYo when they can't run Flash? Flash requires a 1GHz processor that's a Cortex ARM A8 class or higher. It really doesn't make sense. While it hurts to hear as an Moment owner and fan, I can see the obvious logic behind the decision.

99% of Android customers will most likely upgrade their handset at the 12th month window. So why beat a dead horse? Or do you want to be subtly disappointed with a very stripped down version of FroYo? We got almost 90% of Android 2.1 features with the Hero and Moment. FroYo on our phones from Sprint would be like iOS 4 for the older iTouch's and iPhone 3G. Really, it's just 3.x with a few extra things. Not the real deal.

Not happy with the decision, but I was not really under any illusions that the Hero and Moment could be upgraded any further. I was glad to get a pretty good version of Android 2.1.

>99% of Android customers will most likely upgrade their handset at the 12th month window.

If you think that 99% of Android customers can upgrade devices WITHOUT PENALTY in a 12 month period, you need to re-examine your thought processes... I would guess it is more like 20%.

This is simply the price you pay when the speed of development has increased to this rate. The G1 isn't even two years old and HTC has released 9 android phones. Apple has released two. If you want longer support cycles petition HTC to standardize on a single model across carriers. Do they really need to have a unique release for each carrier? Call it an EVO or incredible or what have you, but make it same for each carrier and support with last longer.

Never happen. Each carrier has/wants it's own customizations and you'd still be in the same boat waiting for an update that may never happen.

Do you really think Apple will be making different "versions" of the iPhone for different carriers, once it is freed from AT&T? I don't.

Yes they will, the radios will be different, but physically they will be identical or nearly so. Blackberry and others have been doing this for years:

Storm 9500 and 9530 are identical except the radios. Storm 9520 and 9550 are identical except the radios. The The various 81xx 83xx and 85cc, etc phones are physically nearly identical and the main changes being memory amount (the CDMA versions got more) and the radios and some models got wifi others didn't. but physically they are the same

The Google Nexus One for TMo and AT&T are identical except the radios. Same with Motorola Droid (CDMA) and Milestone (GSM)

How do you know if an iPhone is a 3G or 3GS or what the capacity is? The small text on the back, and the new CDMA and other GSM frequency iPhones will be the same way.

>Yes they will, the radios will be different, but physically they will be identical or nearly

Then it is not really a different "version", it just has a different radio. It will be the same phone, running the same OS, with the same features, with the same accessories and ports. Plus, there is no reason they could not design any phone to be compatible with all the phone networks at the same time.

Yes, it is very likely that Verizon will want some of their own customizations to the device, as might T-Mobile, and Sprint. Same with every other phone that jumps from carrier to carrier.

If they don't want the handsets rooted, they should just make the upgrades available. Isn't that simple enough? Seriously, they should provide 3 yrs of OS upgrades. I believe that's roughly the iPhone's support window.

Only realistic if, like Apple, a company offers one phone model, and only releases one model per year. HTC releases dozens of phones or variations each year and it's not realistic to continually work on updates for them all.

Maybe after the first year, HTC should offer updates for older phones for a nominal fee. Nah, wouldn't work, then the whiners here would complain about that.

i heard Froyo will be ported to the hero.BBBBUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT for root users... so considering this and the ROMS that are out now, i might me upgrading my Moment to the Hero next month. its cheap, kinda easy for me to root, and oh yea, there is no "Evo Tax" lol. (id wait for the galaxy S Pro, but thats gonna be 4g too, and i dont wanna pay $10 a month). i dont see sprint having a new android phone (after the galaxy s pro) for a long time.

Ugh what bullshit...I really don't care WHO's faults this is, but seriously wtf? When I bought this phone Chritmas time, they assured us that it was like the best phone they had. Now look, its like the ass of the android world. Now I'm stuck with it for another year and 6 months. -_- fml

See, I don't care about Froyo and I have the HTC Hero. Now the one change I would like for the HTC Hero is that they fix the Voice dialer because it is not very accurate and that it would allow to start the Voice dialer from the bluetooth headset. The other change is that it would store apps in the SD card. I know that this can be done via software update.