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Flip cases are becoming increasingly popular, as phone owners look for an easy way to protect both the front and back of their devices. Spigen's Ultra Flip Case is one of the latest to emerge for the Samsung Galaxy S3, offering a solution for S3 owners who want to protect their phone's back cover and screen without adding too much extra bulk.

The body of the case is similar to Spigen's Ultra Thin Air Series -- it's a similar shape, and constructed to protect vulnerable areas of the phone, with cut-outs for ports, buttons, speakers and the camera. The main difference with the Ultra Flip Case is its synthetic leather cover, which extends around the back of the case, protecting the screen fro, scratches and scrapes. On the inside of the cover there's a microfiber coating, designed minimize abrasions while the front cover is closed. Like the Ultra Thin Air Series, the case is a snug fit, and it's easy to securely snap the phone into place.

While Samsung offers its own official flip case ($28.95), this replaces the S3's battery door, meaning it's not quite as easy to fit and remove the case on-the-go -- and it also means the sides and back of the phone aren't protected. If you're looking for something that's easier to hot-swap, Spigen's case is a better bet. If that's not a concern, check out our review of the official flip case for more on that model.

All in all, if you're looking for something to protect the entire body of your Galaxy S3, both front and back, Spigen's Ultra Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely worth a look. It's available for $34.99 from, and comes in blue (shown in our photos) as well as white, green and yellow. We've got more images after the break.


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Spigen Ultra Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 review


I like the look of these cases, but I haven't used a flip case since my Samsung i730. If it could somehow flip back and act as a kick stand I might must have to upgrade to get one.

Does this make it more difficult to operate 1-handed?.

Would these ever come in a vertical flip version so I could "flip" my phone open like a communicator? j/k (kind of)

I used the Samsung flip cover and it it's very nice. But, it gets in the way when taking pictures, if you fold it over it blocks the lens. Blocks the LED notification when closed.

Never understood flip cases for this phone. Cumbersome to make phone calls with it brushing against your head and as mentioned above, blocks the lens when folded over.

I have the Samsung flip case, and, though I love it, it does get in the way of the rear camera. Also, the quality is a bit poor. The cover has a rubber trim around the edges that has peeled off with normal usage (flipping it open). I'm interested in the Spigen case, as it can easily be removed when using my GameKlip!

I have also the Samsung flip case, and I'm interested in this one. But do you know if the cover borders have a better quality, or they will peel off too?

I would highly recommend the app "Proximity screen off pro" with this flip cover. Just flip the cover open the screen turns on and turns off when the cover is on.