Looks like SlingPlayer for Android is sticking to its original "release in summer 2010" goal. At least that's what the latest rumor suggests. Phandroid received an email tip that said SlingPlayer for Android has entered private beta. To quote the user e-mail:

The wait is finally over! A new private beta is available for the SlingPlayer Mobile for Android. Since your beta profile is a good match for testing, you have the opportunity to join the new beta program.

If you're not familiar with Sling, it basically digitally "brings" your living room TV with you wherever you go. You access it through a web interface on a laptop or a mobile app on your phone and you have full access to your remote, recorded shows, and can even watch live tv. It's ridiculously awesome and we don't even know how something that cool can exist without being illegal or magical. If you still don't understand, watch the video to see it in action! Who's excited for SlingPlayer for Android?


Reader comments

SlingPlayer for Android is in private beta


I would love to get in on the Beta but, right now I am stuck with my Palm Pre until the Evo releases. But once it is released, sign me up!

Knew I wouldn't get on, I have a slingbox classic. They don't fully support it with mobile software. However it still works (at least when I used it on the old iphone)

Saying that Android Sling is in beta is a little premature because of Phandroid and stories like this. The beta was to be strictly confidential and because Phandroid leaked this email Sling sent an email out to the beta candidates stating that the beta may now be internal to Sling only. Thanks a lot Phandroid!!

No, thanks to the a**hole that leaked the info. Not only can I not get in the beta now (I was signed up), knowing that it is coming soon makes it even harder to wait. I would prefer that they say, 'Here it is' and then go and download it.