Slacker Radio

Very popular streaming radio app Slacker Radio has just received a notable update to a completely new user interface. The new UI follows a stark blue and white contrasting design, with some holo-esque features to it such as use of the overflow menu button and clean transitions. Other than that, the new app is generally pretty simple and unique in its design. You still follow a simple design of a homescreen with search and four options -- genres, my music, specialty stations and news/talk/sports -- with the rest of the UI being just lists of stations when you dive deeper.

This is a big step forward in design for Slacker, and it seems to perform as well as it looks. Not to mention that v4.0 slots it right in with the styling of its web interface, which is important. You can grab a free download of the app at the Play Store link above.

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Seems all my favorite songs aren't favorite anymore. Or maybe I am missing something?

morrisdl says:

Slacker still knows all my Favs. Yellow Heart in the lower right of the album art. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I have a Radio+ account ($4/month). I like the new UI. Looks much better than the old especially in landscape.

loonie01 says:

Went from bad to worse.

icebike says:

Wow, Windows 8 much?

I hate to see this trend creeping into Android.

mikebear says:

Not a huge fan of the new look, but I am a huge fan of the service. I've tried them all, and Slacker hands down works the best for me. They're doing a really great job and curate the music by hand, as opposed to an algorithm.

worknman says:

It was sub-par before. Now it's awful :(