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Bug fixes also in first update following major design overhaul

We couldn't blame you for being a little confused as to how you're meant to sign out of the new Skype for Android. The messaging app received a major update last week with a brand new UI, and as a side-effect, the sign-out option — now buried under a menu overflow in the "profile" section — became a lot more difficult to find.

Skype has today responded to user criticism with a new update that makes it easier to sign out wherever you are in the app. In a new update pushing out through Google Play today, you can now sign out by pressing menu (or the menu overflow) in Recent, Favorites, People or Profile.

The new update also includes bug fixes for issues affecting users who set to "offline" on the old Skype 3.2 and then had problems making calls in 4.0. In addition, video capabilities have been re-enabled for some devices, and there are improved translations for Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional Chinese, Skype says.

The update should be pushing out through Google Play sometime today.

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Reader comments

Skype for Android updating with sign-out improvement


Always baffled by applications that are written without easy exit functionality. We know that Skype loves itself, and can't conceive that anyone would ever want to stop skyping, but the rest of us might need to turn off the app and do something else with our lives.

Microsoft owns them so it really doesn't surprise me. The NSA probably gave them some money to make it difficult to exit.

Have they changed the way you see who's online yet? In the new version, EVERYONE is shown as offline if their status is anything other than available. That is completely useless and I went back to the old version because of it.