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Owners of the HTC One M7 in Canada have a big treat waiting for them in their Software Update settings: Sense 6. As promised by HTC last month, they've been working on an upgrade for the HTC One M7 to Sense 6 that debuted on the HTC One M8, and now, at least in Canada, that update is available.

Users on Bell, Rogers, and Telus can expect to find the update waiting for them, which updates the user interface across the device, an updated Blinkfeed, overhauled camera app, and more. Sense 6 also moves the apps into Google Play so HTC can update them without having to push a system update for the device.

Updates for the US unlocked, developer, and carrier versions of the HTC One M7 are still showing as being in the certification phase (testing by the carrier, HTC, and more), which is the last phase before deployment to customers.

So, Canadian HTC One M7 owners — after you've downloaded your 668MB package, let us know what you think of your newly refreshed smartphone.

Thanks to Kraizk and Kyle for the tips!


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Sense 6 rolling out now to Canadian HTC One M7 users


Perfect, I already have the update ready to download! Now if you fine folks will be so kind as to download and expose yourself to any show stopping bugs then I can get around to safely install this in a couple of weeks. Eager updaters make for great QA!

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I don't think it does. Don't quote me! I just remember from another post reading it wouldn't.

Posted via my hTc one with a cracked screen!

Assuming they didn't find a way to do it using software only, no it does not. I know the U.S. One Max does not support it as it lack the necessary hardware. I also know the M7 lacks the hardware.

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Motion Gestures were the only reason I was looking forward to this "update to the Sprint M7!

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The upgrade is solid. Feelings are mixed on the new blinkfeed interface. I didn't like it at first but it's growing on me. Not feeling the lock screen. New themes are cool but I think the plain neutral tones still look much better. Subtle changes to the overall UI make it seem more refined than it already is. Camera and gallery are a bit better. Really happy to have the extreme power saver mode. Overall good update. Makes it feel like a new phone.

Hi Chris,

Thank you fro your quick summary.

Could you please confirm that "tap to wake" is working on HTC M7 with new Sense 6?


Tap to wake is not a feature available on the M7. I don't think it has the hardware to facilitate that kind of feature. Would've been nice tho!

Well, extreme power saving mode is really useful. New blinkfeed I find is more intuitive and has access to more content. Most of the other UI changes are small but like I said, gives it a more refined feel. It's better than nothing!

Have attempted to download the new Sense 6.0 update for my M7 from Rogers twice now and each time I get an error "update is corrupted". Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions for a fix?

Hi I've been trying to download the upgrade for my Rogers ONE M7 this morning and get the same message saying that the "update is corrupted". Seems to be getting stuck at the 702.72MB mark.

It's currently downloading on mine (version 5.11.631.8 on Rogers). It weighs in at 702.72MB.

Edit: Updated successfully. No corruption as indicated by out2late.

I've been trying to get this update since its release but I keep getting the "corrupted" message at different stages. Contacted both Rogers & htc for troubleshooting (including the dreaded "reset to factory settings") but still can't get it to download. Now it's getting stuck @ 344mb.

Neither Rogers nor htc said that they have received any complaints on this so they figure it's something with my device. I hope more people that are having these difficulties would call in and report so maybe they'll fix it.

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