Seidio DILEX Case with kickstand for the HTC One M8

And here we have a look at the Seidio DILEX Case with metal kickstand for the HTC One M8. This one comes in two parts — a rubber membrane that loosely fits around the phone, and a more sturdy shell that wraps around and really keeps things protected.

The idea is that the silicone layer helps with shock absorption, and the polycarbonate shell protects from impacts. It doesn't add much bulk to the phone, and the textured sides (as well as their angles) help you keep a grip on things. There's a little bit of a soft-touch feel to the outer shell that helps with that, too.

There are cutouts for the cameras and the secondary microphone, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB port, but the volume and power buttons are all covered by the rubber membrane. That means you won't be doing any TV tuning with this case, as the Infrared port is covered.

You do, however, get a kickstand, so you can prop the phone up in the landscape (horizontal) orientation. It folds back nicely into the case, but the whole thing does protrude just a tad. Note that it doesn't support the phone upright in portrait orientation.

All in all? Not a bad dual-layer case. It comes in black, royal blue, garnet red, amethyst, glossed white and rose gold, and there'san optional holster that works with it as well.

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Reader comments

Seidio DILEX Case with kickstand for the HTC One M8


I've had this case since day one of getting the M8. It's a quality case, but the rubber like skin is a lint magnet. It's not case you'll want to swap out with other cases, as the skin will lose tightness to the phone. The holster works great, as does the kickstand (horizontal only as the above article states).

I've been using Seidio cases since my first Android phone as I need such extra protection in a case that can be used in a holster. This case is perfect except for the power button being covered... So I used an exacto knife to cut the button's cover and can use the ir blaster.

While it is hard to use the power button once you cut it away on the case. I've never used said button once I've downloaded screen off and lock.

I use this with the holster, so no pocket lint. The kickstand that they added is used everyday like a tablet stand and love it. Seidio is not cheep, but you can get discount codes if you ask for email updates on their website.

I highly recommend for people who are clumsy or don't work in an office and need added protection from accidents. Yet I do go naked when going to church or other function that requires me to dress up with a different size holster also made by Seidio. They make some of the best after market products I've found for you phones.

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