Seesmic for Android

Along with the introduction of Seesmic Ping this week, the social networking developer has dropped a long-awaited update to its Seesmic Twitter client. There are a bunch of bugfixes rolled into this one, along with support for links, and Seesmic finally dropped support for Google Buzz.

Glad to see a little love and attention to what's one of the best free Twitter clients out there. We've got download links after the break.



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Seesmic's Android Twitter client gets a long-awaited update


Because some phones continue to have limited memory, and apps continue to bloat up. You think you're immune? Just wait a while.

The only work around that I know of lets your Google+ posts also post to Twitter and Facebook. You have to authorize your account and include "Rob McGee" in the G+ posts.

Link for Agent-G/Rob McGee:
Additional Info:

"Rob McGee" is a virtual account and was formerly known as Agent-G. Not sure why the name was changed. Greatest drawback I've found is that if your G+ post includes a pic, it is not included in the subsequent posts to Facebook and Twitter; in those instances you need to manually include a link to where the image is stored (like yfrog, twitpic or imgur).

I used to really like Seesmic until they broke the trend in their last update, then I moved to Plume then Tweetcaster, Plume has too many bugs, Tweetcaster has a busy, cartoonish UI, finally I moved to Twicca, after using it for several days, I was happy enough to have donated to the developer and got access to the multi-account support and I couldn't be happier with the decision, it really is the most intuitive and beautiful twitter client on Android.

Gave Seesmic another go after the update, they fixed some bugs but UI just isn't as fluid as Twicca, too many things all over the place and no list management either, disappointed. For now, I don't see anything beating Twicca as the best, with a $1.99 donation, I got everything I need in a tiny package.