Recent prototype of AT&T branded unit detailed on video

Update: The video has been pulled. We figured this would happen, and hope everyone got a good look. Insert sad trombone sounds right about here.

Looking for information about HTC's upcoming HTC One successor (no, it's not the "All New One")? Youtube user GadgetReviews has one total video published, but it just happens to be 12 minutes of hands-on love with the HTC M8.

From the looks of things, we're seeing a very recent prototype (from February 19) of the AT&T branded unit. It's not a final version, as the software information is "Protected" — we're guessing it's running Android 4.4.2 and HTC Sense 5.5 — but it seems mostly production ready from the design point of view.

The software itself seem very similar to the current HTC One, with some serious changes in the camera interface. The outside of the phone keeps the familiar HTC One look and feel, with the addition of an extra camera that the reviewer hasn't found a use for in his unit.

HTC hasn't given many official clues just yet, but it's a given that we'll see everything there is to see about the M8 next month in London and New York. In the meantime, be sure to watch this one in case it disappears down one of the tubes!

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See 12 minutes of the new HTC M8 in this video [Update: video pulled]


If in fact it launches with sd, that is gonna be huge for a lot of folks. Battery I can live with not being able to be removed. Im still weaning off the sd card teet.

I'm trying to get use to having a non replaceable battery, but I just haven't been able to really get used to it (I have three batteries for my GS3 that I carry around inconspicuously on long days). I agree that the sd card will be a big help for media users and travelers.

It's a good thing that this is a special-needs kid showing this off.
I dare HTC to go after him or his family because one of their prototypes got into the hands of a special-needs child that just happened to make a really nice YouTube video when no one was looking.

I work with beautiful children like this daily.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)
As dumb as he is there might be something to his madness. Perhaps a desperate attempt to advertise himself? ...haha who am I kidding?

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Apparently, Jeff Gordon from HTC has already contacted him via twitter. According to Android Authority, they have a screen capture of a twitter conversation between him and Jeff Gordon. Doesn't sound good!

I find it hilariously appauling that you think this kid is a "special needs" kid and you work with them daily. Too bad the dumbest f*cks end up teaching kids...

"Let's test the amazing speakers on this phone by playing THE WORST SONG EVER CREATED IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC."

if so im guessing they wont for long since he shows this on the recording

IMEI 353718050030845
S/N FA41WWM00444
P/N 99HYK000-00

I feel so bad for his parents

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Dude never heard of tape. Size a piece of paper to fit, clear tape it on, and done. Remove and no evidence left behind.

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HTC's PR/Product development departments are shitting themselves right now

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Why? They just got a very professional review from a well respected channel giving them 10/10 ;)

His review was even thorough enough to point out he has no idea what the second camera lens is for.

Well because it really compromised the surprise of the big announcement, though its not like HTC wasn't leaking like a sieve already lol

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Neither the s5 or the new one is a massive update over there predecessor. If you have s4 or the one there's no real reason. Considering the mocking HTC were doing of the s5 I thought they would have had a massive update.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Actually, the One seems to be rather substantial. A camera with new technology, SD card support, 5 inch screen, and BoomSound improvements.

Exactly!!! People are going to keep on saying "incremental this & that" until flexible/foldable smartphones reach market, really! What do people expect?

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Totally! Just what then is a major update: user-teleportation? ..adamantium skin? ..transform into a yellow Volkswagen Bug?

Hear hear, JTC.

Well they already made the best phone of last year so an incremental improvement over that still means it's better than everything else. Doesn't it.

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If things like micro sd card and 5" display is considered by some to be a big improvement then arguably the s4 was the better phone as it had both those things last year.

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Is there something wrong with an incremental update?

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Nope, nothing at all, I expect incremental updates for a while now until big new technology arrives(what they who knows). I personally thought that after the mocking HTC marketing were doing of the s5 for being incremental update I thought the new one will be a huge update but turns out so far from the leaks they are just as incremental.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Ha? You call that substantial? The GS5 basically has a bigger screen, bigger battery, an ISOCELL 16MP camera with fast focusing tech (w/c is also a new tech), finger print scanner for faster and more secure way of unlocking the phone and PayPal payments, heart rate sensors, a better build quality than the glossy plastic from the S4. Water and dust resistance, a new and improved UI, better radios, wifi and LTE support.

Well glad you like it so much, it may be the last HTC phone you can buy. You know the Galaxy line isn't going anywhere. I don't care for either of these phones, but from what's listed above you'd have to be a troll to say the S5 doesn't have more going for it. HTC is just f*cking dumb at marketing. METAL?! Yay who gives a f*ck. I do, but you don't even see Apple marketing their wonderful build quality. What does it do for me? Apple, Sammy, and Google get it...

Other than 2 cameras nothing substantial..Samsung can't exactly call micros sd card a new feature if they have always had it and they already had a 5" screen again they can tout that as something new so it's not fair to say one is a major improvement. You could argue the s5 with its faster and higher mp camera(won't know which is better till actual release), water proof and dust risistance and finger print scanner is a bigger improvement than the one to the new one. But that's not what my original comment was about, it was merely saying if your a owner of the s4 or the old one then there's no must have reasons to upgrade unless you must have a water proof phone or improved camera etc.

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Yh really thought with those capacitive buttons going on screen those bezels would have shrunk. Overall though I am liking the look of this m8 especially the space grey.

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Uh er, many would say the adding SD card support is a step backward, not forward....That would be those that ripped Samsung for continuing to support it and praising HTC for abandoning it with the One. Can think of a few editors/writers around here that would fall into that group.

Wrong!!!! Not backwards!!! The consumer should have the ability to add 32/64/ or even 128GB's if they CHOOSE to! They manufacturer shouldn't be taking that choice away from the consumer. That's the Apple business model, less choice.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Educate yourself on the cons of a sd card and why it's "so 2010" and then come back. You got the pros down!

Adding SD support is a good thing, truly gives us an additional choice with no downside. Since Android 4.x the "SD" used by the system is internal and cannot be mounted as a drive to another device. That solves whatever technical problems from previous versions that required and actual SD card to work but allowed users to rip it out of the system and mount it to a PC for transfers. Adding a slot does not undo or get in the way of that. If the user never adds a card, its no different than a Nexus or an iPhone. If the user does add a card it's just external storage which is a beneficial feature for some. There is no downside unless data gets lost from the hardware that should have been stored in the cloud instead. Personally I use it all the time for storing the movies and TV shows that I watch every day but don't need to keep forever. Video playback works a lot better when you're not streaming. I don't depend on the card to store my own content, my photos are there but they get backed up to Google where all my other personal data is stored.

Yes! I don't like that microSD card slot! But whatever, I could just not use it. I don't think I'll be getting the M8 anyways.

It's not even released yet and my guess is that the unit in the video is not final software. It's known that many company's hold back the goods of the software on these evaluation units.


I could only watch 30 seconds of it. I couldn't stand his voice.

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My guess is his dad. One day his dad left it out at home and this kid thought about doing a review.

via moto x.

This kid is gonna get his parent in a ton of trouble by putting their phone in a video online. There's no way the kid in this video is over 13...just sayin

"Now let's test the performance. So if I open up Kik and I'll just shake it so you don't see my let's open up YouTube." What the hell is even happening here?

Such a dumb ass. I feel bad for his parents. Who the fuck would give there kid this phone without watching him?

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

That kid was an idiot. How the hell does someone like that even get this phone? But on a side note I really like the way the phone looks

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His little troll thumbs and that voice I can't help myself from laughing out loud. HORRIBLE REVIEW. At least we got to see it.

I actually watched the entire thing and, even though it was awful, it did the job. All I wanted to see was if the M8 was about the same size as the original One. And it appears to be. I'm sold.

"About" the same size. The size increase is pretty negligible. Slightly longer. Maybe a centimeter.

I think the M7 was the perfect size. I would have loved to see the screen increase to 5" without any physical size increase but I guess if the ergonomics are as good on the M8 it doesn't matter to me. However, this will be the bigger I plan to go.

I second that. I was afraid it was gonna be a lot longer, but it's just a bit. I knew everything else about the outside already including the SD card.

You can see the kid's name in the quick settings. Idiot.

Looks like he's already trying to get out of it on Twitter.

If he is from Pennsylvania and it's an AT&T unit then I would think it's more likely somebody's getting fired from AT&T rather than HTC.

LMAO. Probably a carrier demo like a picture the other day from a T-mobile office. But this kind of stuff in public is maybe symptomatic of a shaky organization. Like the HTC guy on twitter getting into it a little with the kid.

Crappy review is still a crappy review. Not jealous at all. Pretty cool he got his shrek hands on it. But do us all a favor.....hold the damn camera still!

Why does every single phone "review" from pro's and children like this one feel the need to flick flick flick flick flick all over the place shaking the phone around the entire time.
Film it in a stationary place, IN focus, and show me things and then EDIT.
Showing me the camera by filming another phones camera is useless...
The sound he played to compare was literally 1 second...
Terrible video.

I just watched it..... Not locked everywhere I guess

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I couldn't stomach more than 2 minutes. That kid had the most annoying pre-pubescent voice I've heard in a really long time. Sweet Jesus I need to go wash my ears out.

Did anyone perchance download a copy before it went private? Would be nice to have a mirror since it's not viewable anymore.

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Believe me, you didn't miss much. Screenshots from the video or a muted version would be a far more rewarding alternative.

He took it down but there are screenshots everywhere. He shouldn't be taunting the kid in public. The kid seemed upset and trying to retract things yesterday but he seems fine today.

If it hadn't been for that extra cyclops eye on the back (a cyclops with two eyes? Un-possíble!), I like the newer One better. A lot less "grout". I never liked that on the One.

And the phone is now ringing at the house.


Hi, this is Peter Chou's assistant. Do you know where your prototype phone is at?

Yes, its right here on the counter, wait it was right here......

Right... you wanna tell your goofball kid to stop posting videos on youtube about it...

Yes, right away..

Thank you. By the way.. We would like to see you in CEO office, bright and early tomorrow morning. Goodbye.

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"Oh, and you might want to have your wife pay up those overdue life insurance know, just in case."

Posted from my Nexus 5

I'll just wait for play edition HTC one because I really don't like bloatware apps its like samsung

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Does this kid actually have a legit youtube channel? He asks us to comment, like, subscribe, but he never mentions the name of the channel. I just wanted to see if anyone actually watches his videos that don't leak his parent's phones.

Wow, someone needs their adhd medicine.

Was swiping so quickly it didn't even make sense.

Only thing I got from that was that it has a SD card slot

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This is simply a joke... Seriously... I see people "OK'ing" incremental improvements to this phone but not the GS5? Yeah... Friggin hypocrites. Most of these comments are just atrocious with the forgiving the same name and the same damn design for a new phone.

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That was expected. S5 it's incremental everyone hates, the new one is incremental oh it doesn't matter.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)


Samsung needs to carry a big bag of money and slap their haters with it.

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Don't worry - if last year it's any indication then wait until the official announcement. Then watch the HTC haters come out of the woodwork on the forums.

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Boy oh boy are you correct. Some of them are getting warmed up and are sharpening their fangs as I write this. I look forward to watching every HTC article and thread be reduced to utter ruins by the same usual members of the S-cru.

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You must be joking, Htc will get way more hate for this phone then Samsung will just based on the fact there are way more people buying Samsung phones ready to trash on any other oem's phones.

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Thing is mostly everyone expected the m8 to look strikingly similar to the One because the design stood out compared to other android phones, and let's not forget that it's one of the most beautiful.
Comparing it to the s5, people expected it to be a large leap in terms of design because the s4 basically looked like an s3 with smaller bezels last year. Have you seen the 3d concepts people made suggesting how the s5 would look like? The actual model looks way less dramatic compared to what people anticipated it to be. All that hype led to a disappointment. Also factor in how much money Samsung has compared to HTC.
We expected Samsung to take a big design leap compared to HTC
posted from my VZW g2

I was happy to see the headphone jack on the bottom - perfect placement, I think.

Some have mentioned that it showed the M8 has an SDcard slot, but I missed that point in the video, and I refuse to watch it again. I would love to know about the battery size, and some detail on the camera function, but maybe some other HTC employee's teenage son or daughter will come to our aid. Worst case, we will all know everything on March 25th.

Thanks, that's really good to know. I guess the battery won't be user replaceable, though. I just hope it's 2800 mAh or more.

Absolutely genius on HTC . Now everybody is talking about it and are now willing and able to hold of on the S5 because they know what they are paying for. Yes for those who liked it, there doubts about the phone ceased! HTC for the win!

The S5 comes out after the One. If anything this just made the choice between the two easier. Many people were hoping they'd match the S5 with at least the fingerprints scanner but seeing as it won't have that (even though the One Max did) I can see more people going for the S5 now. I'm not included in those people as I want the premium feel more so than a fingerprint scanner but it would've been nice to have it included. Here's hoping HTC keeps its base model 32 GB with the SD card up to 128 GB.

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Yep I was thinking that with the mocking HTC were doing of the s5 they had some massive improvement for there flagship but from everything we have seen it's just about the same amount of update.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

If by everyone you mean all 200 of us on this site, then yes. This will be another great phone that nobody knows about. For the record, when I use everybody or nobody I mean MILLIONS of consumers.

I wasn't able to watch. Is the black HTC bar bezel area really unused and look the way the renders have shown?

Except give the phone even more height for a completely useless reason other than holding the logo, pretty disappointed with it tbh, I might be swayed when we finally see how much better the camera performs....maybe

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Yeah I'm not gonna disagree with that. But I don't think that would sway me to not like the phone. But what I really like is how snappy the software looks. Even for non final version.

Right, because there's absolutely no possibility that anything INSIDE the phone might need the extra space. And: even if they did need precious space on the inside-- for, y'know, like, "stuff"-- we all know that HTC has t.a.r.d.i.s technology just sitting around, and that they can make inside-space be wwaaaaayyyyyyy bigger than the outside.

HTC, i protest!!

Build quality looks beautiful, SD card on one side, Sim on the other. Funny how clumsy this youngster was, we were all there once.... or was that good acting?

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It's the same thing as last year! That's like saying there's a significant build quality from 2011 Cobalt LS and a Chevy Malibu.


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Things that I would love to have on the M7 right now:

- Better camera. While the video and the kid did nothing to show one of the bigger improvements on the M8 I think it will be better and I'm also intrigued on what we can do with that second back camera.

- SD slot. It's not a big thing for many, including me, but it's a nice thing to have the option to add more storage space.

Things that concern me about the M8:

- Physical size. I don't know if the increase in height is accounted for (I guess it is) nicely in width because the M7 feels to me like it is on the edge of felling too narrow at times.

- Bezels or borders at the edges. I like how the M7 feels very uniform across the screen and to the edges. The phone on the video seems to have rise edges like a case. It's not that I don't like them, but it is a concern if they get too much in the way.

- 3.5mm jack at the bottom. I can't think of one good reason to have it on the bottom when we use the phone in our pockets when traveling/wandering around. Perhaps they will release some accessories that connect to the it on a dock or something. I will have to carry it upside down in my jeans when listening to music with my headphones on the street.

- Headphone amplifier. The M7 has it and it's awesome if you have a pair of high end headphones. The difference in quality and power are notable over any other phone out there. Without the beats branding, I hope they still included a headphone amp on the M8 besides the one (I assume) for the speakers.

Bezels and borders... Really?... Can you make a video or something where a bezel inflicts your daily usage of a phone?

"Oh gosh, Margaret... I went to call our son Joseph and the Bezel keeps getting in the way. I keep missing the call button! Hold on I'll text him... I just gotta... Reach... Over.... This... Ugh! Dammit! Bezel! Okay! I got to the letter "J". Hold on tight, Margaret, I'm goin in for the letter "O""

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Yeah looks like the screen is bigger 5 verse 4.7 since the buttons are in the screen that helps and looks like screen is longer. I do like the SD support now and the interface does look better Sense looks good as well plus it looks like the M8 is thinner as well. I would think the camera is better along with the front face camera as well plus the sound should be just as good. Either way looks like HTC is doing the same thing Samsung doing which is just cook cutting things with their flag ship devices just like Apple has always done with the Iphone 6,7 Samsung S5,S6 HTC One M8,M9 so forth. They just improve the hardware specs like CPU,Memory,Screen,Camera so forth. I think HTC has better designs as well plus I like it they don't load a bunch of their software on the device ahead of time like Samsung does with the new S5 8GB worth too me is way too much of wasted space.. Overall the S5 is a nice device as well but I always liked how HTC does things with their hardware.

Absolutely about the headphone amp. It must be able to detect the impedance of real headphone speakers vs. earbuds, because using earbuds I can get loud but not eardrum breaking. But with real headphones, wow, BIG sound. My EVO LTE has it too, I didn't realize it was the same as the HTC One until I tried both side-by-side. I understand it's way better than Samsung devices. I actually have headphone speakers in my motorcycle helmet and use it like that all the time. I'm betting the M8 has the 2.55V amplifier, that they can include it without Beats branding/software. If it doesn't I won't buy it. I can tell if I get my hands on one in a Sprint store.

Holycrap who let their retarded child get a hold of the phone? As much as I wanted to see the video...couldn't stand listening to the kid.

Looks like the video came back. I'm still curious about the purpose of the second camera.

From my Nexus 5 via the coolest of cool Android Central App

A big upgrade in the camera and battery is a big deal for this phone. If those 2 things happen, this phone will be pretty much perfect, IMO

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Yeah HTC can not be happy about this if I'm not mistaken I think I read on here or another site about a month ago HTC got rid of one of their top developers due to he had a rep of leaking their info on devices out.

If his twitter account isn't just trolling they already fired his parent(s).

In some ways I feel sorry for him.. We all did dumb shit as kids.

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Anyone know of any somewhat major sites based in Pennsylvania? I wonder how many people came home with a pre-release unit like this from MWC 2014 for testing and an NDA in hand.

The HTC One Mr (or whatever it's called) is quite nice. I might have pick one of these up when HTC releases it.

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"Video pulled"

Lol, ooookay. If it's online for a second, it's online, mirrored everywhere in .5 second.

PR stunt I'm betting, but yeah. Pretty terrible. HTC should joke about it during the "big reveal" (lol). That's the best way to combat stuff like this, IMO. Maybe have the kid start the presentation as a humorous notion (depending on how widely and well-known the video is, that is).

Looking great and all , but they made it even longer than The (other) One. Now It's probably same in length as Note 3 ...
Size can be a deal breaker for many, so I hope they make a smaller One with the same hardware.

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VZW Moto X

So people are mad with Samsung with small changes on the s5...but are ok with the small changes on the htc one! You got to love the Internet

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Its the 3rd straight generation that nothing substantially new has come forth, that's the problem that people are harping about. Especially its plastic design is what I think people are having a hard time swallowing compared to the premium designed of ooh w 5, htc one and Z1. They all compete in the same class so basic fundamentals need to be adhered. Think about the basic standards for the bmw 3 series, audi a4 and benz c class... They all compete with each other and consumers are looking for general basics when shopping for an performance luxury sedan, entry level of course...

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I hope they don't try some new halfbaked camera feature again. Micro sd is cool but they have to have at least a couple other key features to sell besides those speakers. Do not advertise Blinkfeed.

I remembered when the first leaks came out and everyone and their grandmother was making noise about the huge bezel. Now that it seems the full phone has been leaked I've yet to hear the onslaught of comment about the bezel. Seems like 5" screen, slimmer design, SD slot, improved camera and sound quality seems to be enough to silence people. The basic foundation of the HTC One is present in the M8 but trust me after watch the video on another site with a direct comparison btw the two phones, the M8 is superior esp with that brush finish. HTC makes one of, if not the best flagship phones. If only they could transmit into higher sales volume. But after watching this video I'm very impressed. One of the things I wanna see it a 3000 amp battery or slight less. But I love what I'm seeing. Your turn icrap (I mean iPhone 6) :-)

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Thank u droidfamous for giving honest opinion and not including Samsung at the end of ur comment,

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Love reading the kid's twitter page.... "I don't have youtube" "I'm dead" "Thanks for ruining my life" I hate to say i feel bad, but cmon kid. Coulda left well enough alone for a few more weeks.

Im sorry but i dont think this HTC One looks that great. The HTC Desire 816 looks better in my opinion.

Just saw the video on the verge. This phone looks pretty sweet. I really liked the first htc one but wanted better battery. Hopefully this will improve on everything.

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For me, the design is pretty much the same on par with the One or a little worse. Waiting to see the silver one like the original ONE maybe those could make me change my mind.

What I really hate about the new ONE is the UI
Am I the only who hate the sense 6. I felt like it a downgrade from 5. The color and design are way to flashy. No class at all. Why the hell did they make it look like an iPhone5 UI!?

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Micro SD card? DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? Actually I was set on the new One already, that's just icing on the cake coming from my Nexus 5 (since I have a 64 GB card just collecting dust)

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It looks a little too busy for me. The dual camera sensors, poorly rounded out body, psuedo-rectangular shape, and strange appeal make it a bit of a deal breaker. The HTC One was pretty much the best that HTC had ever offered for its time. Though there isn't that much to change at this point, maintaining a clean and polished look should be imperative for the company.

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I've been thinking that I'd be disappointed if the headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone, especially since I'm used to it being on the top, but the more I think about it, the more I think this is the result of the phones natural position in the hand as it's slipped into a pants pocket. Certainly won't be a deal breaker for me!


Yep I prefer the headphone jack on bottom also just makes sense when pulling it out of the pocket.

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Can anyone confirm for certain if the area between the right of the top speaker grill and the left of the camera is a light sensor or a new, larger notification LED?

I saw the video on PocketNow yesterday.. That kid sounded so dumb (yes, I know he's a kid) but from what I see/read he tried to play even dumber on Twitter when he was questioned and confronted about it (saying it was fake, etc.).. I'm seeing Tweets now from ppl telling him he needs to get off the internet lol..

Do you think the U.S. carriers will have the SD card slot removed for their versions (like VZW did with the DNA)??