Samsung Galaxy S5

Also confirmed to be Octa-core Exynos variant for selected markets

Mobile World Congress

The Samsung Galaxy S5 event passed by without too much detail on just what chipset is actually powering things. This morning, we've got word on two different versions for presumably different markets. Qualcomm has dropped word that its latest Snapdragon 801 is in fact inside the Galaxy S5, while there is also word from Samsung of an octa-core model that will launch in selected markets.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor features Qualcomm Technologies' custom quad core Krait™ 400 CPU at up to 2.5GHz per core, its custom Adreno™ 330 GPU for premium mobile graphics, and its custom Hexagon™ QDSP6 for ultra-low power applications.

Over on the Samsung Tomorrow blog, there's a handy graphic showing that there is a 2.1GHz octa-core – presumably Exynos – version as well. This isn't uncommon, last years Galaxy S4 also came in Snapdragon and Exynos versions.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 chipsets confirmed, Snapdragon 801 on-board


I think most phones already have a thermometer in them, at least to read the battery temperature.

Haters will hate just for the sake of hating which is basically ashame.

Hate on my friends SAMSUNG is android period that will never change.

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It's like this on every major release. Those who hate always tend to be the ones spamming comments. That's how the internet works.... I don't know if they think they're actually achieving anything by it. :)

Exactly. Had the same with the gs3, gs4, now the gs5.

I like it and plan to get it

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Your vocabulary seems to be limited to about 50 words because you say the same thing in every Samsung post. Let's be clear, phone are reaching a plateau specs wise. Everyone has a 1080p screen. Everyone has a high speed Snapdragon processor (other than Apple who designs their own) and most have great cameras. It's going to take more than just slightly upgrading last years specs to differentiate yourself from the test, whether it be software advances, absurd battery life, or premium build materials. People seem disappointed with this because they are falling in line with what they accused Apple with not too long ago..? slight refreshes and calling it new.

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Even a Samsung fanboy like you has to admit that the S5 launch is pretty underwhelming compared to all the hype that surrounded it.It doesnt even have snapdragon 805.PASS

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Does any phone have an 805? Or for that matter, need one? It runs smoothly with the 801 (which only one other phone has).

Every single flagship will have it, maybe a few phones before the s5 is even sold. Not only that, because of TW, we can safely say that this phone will be slower (at least in real world usage and maybe even if you consider those doped benchmarks) than at least 10 devices when it's out.
iPhone 5s
iphone 5c
iphone 5
nexus 5
moto x
nexus 4
lg g2
lg g pro 2
sony z2
htc one

No phone is gonna have it till earliest the fall. If not till next year. Read up a little bit about if first.

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It's interesting you say that, being a shame and all, considering that you hate on everything else except for Samsung.

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Having a hard time caring at this point. But yay, great for them.

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Beware, if you want to buy s5 for custom rom & developing. Don't buy the exynos version
Exynos are great but not dev friendly

Other than the 1gb more ram, what is better about the Note 3?

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Let's see here:

Bigger screen.
Software to expand the spen.
Bigger battery.
32GB standard.

To some, these are huge differences.

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Yeah, to those who like Monster size phones! I'm a moderate person, I like a good balance between media consumption, and mobility.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

OK, but that's just your personal opinion, not that it's not valid. But it doesn't mean that people who like the Note series are wrong. Samsung has, over the past few iterations, definitely pushed the specs in the Note series further than they have with the S-series. That's not opinion, It's fact.

Lets start with that, more ram (allways welcome), bigger screen, s pen (geat for taking notes and organising), great leather feel instead of rubberized back.... Food for thoughts.

Part of that is because they store a complete copy of the original factory ROM, in order to be able to "reset" the device, in case of catastrophic system corruption. I'm not sure that's the best way, but it's what they do. The actual size of TW is not actually 8gb.

Touchwiz is slow because.... I personally only have experience with the Note 2 and Note 3 models, but they are both plenty fast.

+1 that's what I'm waiting for, note 4. Hopefully Sammy does the right thing with the 4...|thought bubble|-what the right thing?/ the world may never know.

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Anyone know if Samsung typically sells more of their Galaxy S series phones with the exynos chip or snapdragon chip?

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Can someone explain to me (like I'm 4) why Samsung refuses to create a processor that is compatible with both North American and European markets? I know with previous handsets that the prevalence of LTE in the states as opposed to Europe was an issue, but I'd figured they would have overcome that particular hurdle in the last 3 years or so

Because it is not easy and, because it is not easy and thus will be expensive to do, it is not worth the effort by Samsung. Bottom line, their analysis indicates that the additional profits gained by having a "universal" chip is not worth the costs needed to develop and maintain it.

I'm not trying to be dismissive or argumentative (at least, not to you personally) but there are always cost/benefits tradeoff with everything a company could do. Indeed, everything we do personally. We may not agree with the decisions they make -- and for the record, I agree with you that it would be "nice" if Samsung had a single chip that worked throughout North America and European (and Asia and elsewhere) -- but they have the research and evidence on their side. Hey, it is their business and they have made billions off their smartphones and we haven't.

Again, bottom line, it's not worth it to them. And honestly, if "we" disagree that much, then all we need to do is develop our own "universal" chip and run them out of business. That's how capitalism works.

Oh, I didn't think you were being dismissive or argumentative =) I was just curious if anyone knew the specific technical reason it couldn't be done. Support for American radios? I'm assuming it has something to do with the spectrum that the US uses or something to do with our carrier system. That's all. Not a complaint. I guess this is more of a Jerry question.

Because they can't, they do not have the talent to design (the hard part) chips. Only Apple and Qualcomm. Samsung just manufactures. Not only that, exynos are always slower and less support even by Samsung. The exynos s3 won't be updated, but the snapdragon s3 MINI will. lol

The exynos s4 is faster than the snapdragon counterpart benchmark wise..

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I think it is more contract obligations than anything else right now. I am sure that they actually overcame the technical stuff.

So everyone bashes Samsung but it ok with sony and Htc making the phone look the same. Everyone hates on the leader and gives the others a pass. Samsung make a metal phone so all the whiners quit complaining

That's because Sony and HTC phones were already premium build quality. Customers have been asking for better build quality on their devices since after the SGS2.

I think getting rid of the glossy back for this device is a step in the right direction, but will it be enough? Plastic isn't the concern... It's how it's made.

HTC One X... Very "plastic", but gorgeously built. IPhone 5c is also "plastic". While not as premium as the aluminum 5s, still far from cheap feeling.

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I agree. Very well said.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I dont see any phone at this show that i would give up my Nexus 5 for. The Xperia Z2 has most of my interest but thats because i would love to give a sony phone a try. The specs on the Nexus 5 for the price and the performance there is really no better option out there. I dont expect the New HTC One to be any better. Only phone as of now i am excited to see is what Apple does with the Iphone 6. Sad to say but that will determine where the phone market will go next yet. The spec wars are done and these phones are proof. Samsung is trying to win of features and for anyone with a S3...its the best choice in my book

So far, looks like the only positive to come out of the HW specs, 801 is the latest CPU so we can't complain about that. A nice speed bump on the 800, just wondering whether the bloat will eat up the advantage?

I just want a custom cake. With butter cream icing with a prize baked in the middle.

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Agree to disagree... i didnt get a rebate on my Note 3, and i'm not even mad. It's a beast, and worth every penny.

It's laughable how much more i can do on my Android phone that someone cant do on an iPhone (as we all know), but i've also found that i can do a few more things on my Note than a standard Android user too... and i dig it. (most notably, run 2 apps at once, and anything to do with the S Pen... but i digress... i imagine this case can be made in the opposite direction as well. alls i'm saying is, i'm pleased with my Sammy!) :)

The S5 in my opinion lacks any incentive to purchase, you have the Note 3 than can be purchased for less than the S5 will be and the LG G2 and the iPhone 5s well maybe not the 5s lol the Nexus 5 for £240 ish so what does the S5 have?

A heart rate monitor that I wouldn't use or that 128mb expandable storage that will be expensive or the finger print scanner that all of which for me are useless and would not get used.

The camera at 16mgp might be the only selling point but my Note 3 has a decent 16mgp so erm not that big of a deal.

No doubt they will sell and a few million over time but many will be opting for another like the Xperia range or the HTC M8, or the IPhone 6, LG G Pro 2 and many many others.

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