Samsung Galaxy S4

Over the weekend, one Romanian reviewer put the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 through a gauntlet of durability tests. Three different knives, a pen, a set of keys, and a fistful of coins didn't seem able to put the slightest mark on the S4's front face. This is good news for those that are on the verge of picking up one of these bad boys. 

The Galaxy S4 is the first handset to use Gorilla Glass 3, which we've seen take a pretty harsh beating at CES, showing that it can do as well with impacts just as it can with scratches. 

After seeing the video below, are you any more convinced about picking up a Samsung Galaxy S4? How highly does screen durability rate in your purchasing decisions? 

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Samsung Galaxy S4 screen weathers a flurry of blades


HA!!! That is untill they dropp it face first!! ... I wonder if this isnt one of Samsung strategies like they did paying student to bash on HTC on the internet LOL... But yea... impressive... untill they drop it

I'm yet to see anyone demonstrate their awesome screen by rubbing just sand on it...
The blades are nothing compared to just regular sand.... and yet everyone try to showoff by using blades...

Yeah, seriously. "I wonder if I can scratch my wooden dining table with this Swiffer duster?" Metal is not hard enough, drop this guy face-first in the sand (or even floating around in your particle-filled jeans pocket for half a year) and you'll wish you'd paid the 10 bucks for that screen protector.

Agreed, and there are a lot of awesome screen protectors out their that don't feel much different than glass and are crystal clear, you just need to know which ones are the good ones.

They aren't doing anything the gorilla glass 2 can't, everyone should know by now that's weak points are micro dust, sand, lint, finger oil *eats threw layer of finger print proof glass* which leaves some ugly stains that never come off... What's special about the third gen gorilla glass? It's harder? Really what is it? LoL

Oh heck yes this is exactly like the strategy they used to bash HTC. Making a screen that doesn't get scratched. Those no good shady dirtbags!!!!! I have lost all respect for a company that pulls these types of shenanigans.

I'm convinced the S4 is for me even though he wasn't real that forceful with those knives(as if I wasn't already).

Exactly. Sand will scratch any screen in existance today. Only time I use a screen protector is well I know I'll be around it. Otherwise I'm just pretty careful.

This is a very convincing video. I have the note 2, never use screen protectors or any sort of flip case. I throw it is bags, pockets with keys, and catch the screen scratching down the rivets on my jeans before going in my pocket, but still not a single mark on the screen. Screen tech is just getting more and more durable.

I would love to know where these reviewers get magic devices from, somehow they always do this and it doesn't leave a mark on the magic devices, yet when you actually get one, the screen magically scratches even when you keep it safe in a pocket with nothing inside it haha

I'm not worried about scratches, but now well it handles a fall. A scratch is a scratch, a drop can ruin the device.

Cracks usually happen when you have a scratched device and drop it. Cracks can start form the smallest scratch.

I'm never going to NOT buy a screen protector. It's cheap, easy protection and you just never know... so no, this doesn't change a darn thing.

I personally feel the opposite. They ruin the experience for me, they make the screen feel tacky and not smooth, even the more expensive ones still don't have the feel cheap and don't do the device justice.

a filthy, bubbly, semi-transparent sheet of plastic ruins the smartphone experience for me FAR more than any scratch could.

I stopped using screen protectors and cases for my phones years ago, and never looked back. I guess I'm just more careful than most people, I've never had a scratched screen.

Not from knives. Rocks and sand maybe. I routinely take a razor blade to my rear windows to remove decals when I get sick of them or they start to peel, not a scratch from that.

I had to use razor blades daily to remove decals from windows and they will absolutely scratch the windows, a big portion of my job was buffing out scratches on windows from razorblades. Trust me, windows scratch.

Any test like this with HTC One? I want to see one.

Gorilla Glass 3 surely need to be tested. I watched screen torture test like this on Lumia 920, and the video very convincing. Especially when using Lumia 920 screen to hit a nail to a piece of wood. well seems Lumia 920 as hard as a small hammer :)

I watched the video above, seems the screen quite solid, even the test not quite close as I expected, need more torture to conclude how hard the S4 screen.

Knives... That's cool I guess... Let's see them put some sand or small debris on the screen and rub it around. That's the real test

Right, these scratch tests are pointless, using knives, do you carry an open blade in your pocket?

Drop some sand and rub it on the screen and see if the screen scratches. I'll put money on it, that it will scratch.

I think the train of thought on this is, "if the screen can withstand scratches from sharp blades, it can withstand scratches from a set of keys".

Problem is...screens have been able to do that since Gorilla Glass 1. I don't understand why ever year they test the newest tech with the same old tests that the previous version beat.

Exactly. That's and the bigger question of who the hell puts their phone and keys in the same damn pocket anyway? That's a lot of crap in one pocket

I didn't have a screen protector on my S3 when I dropped it from two feet up, landing on my garage floor. Spider webbed pretty nice. I know a screen protector wouldn't have stopped that!

I know these are the norm, but it made me sad to see a device I can't get my hands on yet (Verizon) being mistreated like this! /cry

Every smartphone I have owned the past 2.5 years has had a video like this made and every single one of them has at least one small scratch, asually from being in a pocket. So these videos are pointless.

These types of tests are totally useless, you can take just about any damn phone today and run all the same tests and more than likely none of the screens will scratch. The culprit of almost all scratched screens is sand/silica, which can be found any and everywhere. One small grain can and will cut through any screen, gorilla glass or not, as if it was a hot knife going through butter. So if you want make an impressive video how about someone take some sand and rub it up against the screen then get back to me.

It withstands knives because the coating on the Gorilla Glass is denser than the steel used with knives.

However it, fill a cargo pocket with a little bit of white beach sand, put the phone in your pocket and walk around for about half an hour. The coating will be destroyed and your screen scratched like it's regular glass.

If you want to put that phone to a real scratch test, Use a ziplock bag with some sand. Tape off all the ports and rub some sand on the screen, OR BETTER YET use sand paper. that has a Surface Hardness of 9 (H9).After that wipe the glass off with a micro fiber rag WHILE ON CAMERA,NOT off screen. THEN DO A bREATH Test, to see if there are any hidden scratches.

When phone screens can take a piece of quartz I'll be impressed. A steel pocketknife or razor blade won't even scratch a normal glass window. Try it for yourself.

I gotta agree with most of the ppl that have some common sense in here. Put that bad boy in ur pocket with a pinch of sand and walk around for a day.. Bet u it'll have sum scratches then..

All I want to say is what the hell do y'all have in y'all pockets that keep scratchin y'all screens?? I have yet to scratch my S3 or EVO 3D screen. I carry em both in my pocket at all times I've had the S3 for 9 months and the EVO for 18. I have keys, pens, and we have a beach with sand and I still never get any in my pocket. What Yall be doin to ya selves Lmao.

As so many people have already said, both knife and key scratch tests are meaningless. GG 2 and 3 are both harder than they are.
We won't see any successful tests using sand because quartz is much harder then GG3 and with any kind of force it will mark it up badly.

Looks like I was the only one impressed by this. Everyone else is concerned about sand... I think the last time I had sand in my pocket I was like 5.

Sand is used as sort of a blanket term for some. Sand will wreak havoc, but so will any other small debris, dirt, grit, whatever you want to call it. Small stuff is the culprit for scratches

Yawn. Call me when they rub sands all over the glass without scratching it.
These tests are so boring and useless. Only people impressed by these tests are the one who never owns a smart phone before.

The worst thing next to sand to touch your screen has to be the flint wheel on a lighter! i have scratched many screens by making the mistake of putting a lighter in the same pocket as my phone (palm pre then EVO 3D. i have had many preplacemnts for both as well). i was looking to upgrade to this phone soon so this is good news... i have a friend with a Note 2. he doesnt use and protection on it (no case or screen protector.) he says he drops it all the time and isn't to careful with it. the thing still looks like he took it out of the box yesterday. people trash sammy build quality, but i suppose there is no trashing it with durability like that.

I briefly had a screen protector on my Moto Droid 1 then took it off cuz I couldn't stand the look and feel of it. Haven't had a protector on either of my Moto phones since and I'm up to the Droid M. I've had the phone naked in my pocket and dropped each one many times without a scratch on the screen. A tough screen is important to me, which is why I won't by an Iphone. I don't want to hide my phone behind a thick case in fear that I might crack the screen.

I am confused. How many of you guys walk around with sand in your pocket?? Although I am interested in this sand test, unless Im going to the beach Im not sure how it plays a part. If you are gearing up to school my clueless ass on how commonplace sand is our pockets, I just ask you to be respectful. Thank you for your input

lol i know right? Though i wouldnt be opposed to a rock/concrete test. I mean, I am from New York. We got a lot of asphault around here lol

Haven't used a screen protector in two years and no scratches to date. I hate using any case or screen protector and have not with my last two Motorola phones. I am sure you can scratch the screen if you really wanted to, but for everyday use in my pocket, no scratches here.

One day soon we will see a video for a screen that cannot be scratched by sand and comments that say, yea but show me a video of this screen standing up to a diamond cutter.

There are posted tests like this on every phone.

I did this on my Original Droid - Gorilla Glass One.

A key is made of brass which is much softer than glass. You cannot scratch glass with a key - I wish people would stop trying it.

People say "I put my keys in my pocket and the screen got scratched". Well it may have but not by your keys - try your Key Ring, which is steel with an end which scratches things easily.

Everyone should have a screen protector - they do scratch and some protectors like JustLikeGlass feel like glass and increase the break resistance as well.

This is a lie! My S4 got 2 scratches within a few days, don't know how. I hadn't even bought a screen protector due to the promises of scratch resistance Gorilla Glass 3. :(

I just got the S4 two weeks ago and it's already damaged! I have a screen protector and case on it but it fell off the table i was sitting at when someone bumped into it ans the side (metal or not metal whatever) has bumps and scrapes because the case fell off the phone when it hit the ground and my phones white and down at the corner of the menu button where it fell the white has like an air bubble or is dented under the glass and theres like a black Y mark but the screen isnt damaged. But when the menu button lights up that bit is just like "hello there" i'm a bit annoyed that it has gotten damaged so easily because that is the only time it has ever dropped..

I just got the S4 two weeks ago and it's already damaged! I have a screen protector and case on it but it fell off the table i was sitting at when someone bumped into it ans the side (metal or not metal whatever) has bumps and scrapes because the case fell off the phone when it hit the ground and my phones white and down at the corner of the menu button where it fell the white has like an air bubble or is dented under the glass and theres like a black Y mark but the screen isnt damaged. But when the menu button lights up that bit is just like "hello there" i'm a bit annoyed that it has gotten damaged so easily because that is the only time it has ever dropped..

This guy turns the sharp edge of the blade away from the screen so it never even contacts it................this is a bad review, Ill need to see a real test, not this joke