Galaxy S 2 benchmark

Look out, all you tweakers and overclockers -- there's a new kid on the block who's likely to take the throne in very short order -- the Samsung Galaxy S 2.  Right out of the box it's an awesome performer, chewing through benchmark tests like candy even with less than optimized software on board.  We're hearing from all over about how smooth and quick it is, and everyone seems pretty darn impressed.

And to make things a bit more interesting, the phone isn't locked down in any way and already has a fairly easy root method from Chainfire over at XDA.  We can't wait to see what happens with this one, as it appears we're at a whole 'nother level of performance here.  Samsung needs to hurry with that roll-out!

Source: XDA-Developers. Big Thanks to Jonathan for the image, and Chainfire for the tip!


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The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is already a beast -- and now it's rooted


If one of these heads to VZW soon there are going to be a lot of frustrated Thunderbolt owners. Me being one of them lol.

there wont be a lot of frustrated TB owners because we picket HTC over samsung on purpose! also i doubt the Samsung Galaxy S II will be an LTE phone since the droid charge is.

only interested if it comes to magenta, and it has not been confirmed for t-mo. it is a really nice looking phone though.

Easily between this and the Bionic if this comes to Verizon and if the Bionic is locked down then we have a clear winner here. Contract is up in July and I definitely want a dual-core, LTE...decisions, decisions.

Its a sweet phone I'm going to have to choose between HTC sensation or Samsung galaxy s2 its a tough decision

Like previous commentators, if it DOES come to VZW, then it will be a toss up between the S2 and the Bionic/Targa or whatever name Motorola decides to change it to. This does like like a beast of a device here.

I just wish samsung is able to push the same phone to all 4 carrier unchanged from the European version other than the bands for specific carriers in addition to the Variants (captivate 2, epic 2, etc)

That SG2 might be rooted but they didn't install AdFree :p lol

Can't live without this app.

For me its the HTC Sensation or this....

looks like another great piece of hardware from Samsung, too bad their software and support is garbage. Between buggy software, poor update cycle and carrier bloat, it's hard to get too excited about nice hardware. Sorry Samsung, my next phone will be an HTC.

I always get really excited looking at new hardware like this but in the end my user experience would not change much from what I am currently using(EVO Shift) therefore it would be a waste of money for me to purchase. I doubt there is even one app available that my single core 800MHZ phone(That I can overclock to 1.8GHZ) couldn't run as well as this new phone. If you like to show off benchmark scores this new phone is definitely going to do it for you but saying this is going to blow away a Thunderbolt or even show a noticeable difference is probably incorrect. I would take HTC's history of product support vs Samsung's sell it and forget about it philosophy.

I highly doubt the phone is going to be that easy to root when it is released.

Anyway, it is still exciting to see new technology.

This is the one I am waiting for. I still dont get why everyone seems to have a boner for the Thunderbolt...I know two people who bought them. Yeah, its a good phone but little about it is actually new. No dual core (and still only 1ghz), no qHD or SuperAMOLED...what is the BFD with that thing?

I advised both of them to wait, but they wanted a new phone right now. Oh well. In 6 months I can say "I told you so" heh heh. I did try to warn them.