We're expecting big things out of Samsung over the coming months, first with the Galaxy S in Europe and Asia, and now the Captivate on AT&T and possibly the Galaxy S Pro on Sprint. And add another rumored phone into the equation -- the Galaxy K. Korea Times says the Galaxy Q will be a QWERTY-keyboard phone targeted to take on BlackBerry. That leads us to believe it might possibly be a front-facing portrait keyboard, which is a form factor all but ignored on Android thus far. Or, it could be what we've been calling the Galaxy S Pro. Or something else entirely. From the KT:

"Galaxy Q -- based on the Android mobile platform -- will be all about providing simplicity in user experience, although it will still feature a full QWERTY keypad. The full touch-screen phone will also come with advanced social media features," according to an industry source close to Samsung's plans.

No word on when we might see it, and the KT has no specs other than Samsung's Super AMOLED screen. [Korea Times via Unwired View]


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Samsung Galaxy Q said to bring QWERTY keyboard to take on BlackBerry


Hate to break the news to Samsung but they are a bit late to the game...
Two friends of mine in the past two weeks have had their corporate BB replaced with a Moto Droid. One of them works for a private company and the other works for the State of New Jersey.

"...feature a full QWERTY keypad. The full touch-screen phone..."
This doesn't read as a BlackBerry style candy bar to me.

There was an Acer phone with the same form factor announced last week, powered by a 400mhz processor...