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Though Samsung claimed the change would come several days ago, the Samsung Apps store has just rebranded itself to Galaxy Apps with an update to the application. Coming with the rebrand to the "Galaxy" name is a slight change in visual styling of the app to darker shades of blue and a few new animations, though the app overall performs much the same as it did before. There's also a new app icon that comes in the shape of a slightly different shopping bag, of course.

While the move back to a Galaxy brand from Samsung is a little puzzling after Samsung spent so much time working to bring everything under one roof, from the consumer standpoint this helps with some potential confusion now that it offers both Android and Tizen devices. Since Samsung only associates the Galaxy brand with Android devices, Galaxy Apps will be the go-to place for apps on that platform.

If your device hasn't updated to replace Samsung Apps with Galaxy Apps, go ahead and open Samsung Apps and check for updates. You'll likely be prompted to download the update, then agree to some new terms of service and you'll be on your way.


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Samsung Apps finally rebranded to 'Galaxy Apps' to help with platform confusion


I wish Samsung would just create a category in the play store and set it to only be seen by Samsung devices only. The api's are there so I understand why they insist on confusing people with two app stores

Google play store? Google owns that. I doubt they would be able to do that. But I believe other manufacturers do it already but. I'm not sure

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Carriers and manufacturers can already restrict how things show up in the Play Store based on the device thats accessing the store. They even have their own sections for manufacturers and carriers. This is totally within the realm of what's allowed on Google Play.

HTC releases Sense features and updates for specific devices in Google Play.

I think what Samsung is doing will be as confusing to users as their current Bloatwiz UI.

This is also further evidence Samsung is going to fork Android into Samsung's proprietary ecosystem.

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Exactly point out a part of sense, that is in the play store. No an app, but sense itself.

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LOL, you completely missed the word "apps" in the title and URL! Fail!

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I can read. I missed nothing. Sense is made up now of a variety of apps. Sense, and its overall user experience, is updated via the Play Store. Some core framework elements might still not be, but the overall Sense experience as it relates to the users is handled via Play Store updates.

Don't want to sound like an ass, but there are Sense features on the Play Store.

Like Blinkfeed, or the service pack.

Call them apps, but I consider them features.

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If you're talking about major skin updates, then they can only be done through OTA*.

The system apps can be updated through the Play Store, though.

* Correct me if I'm wrong.

(Also, for some reason, you have Dobie's avatar on FireFox)

I agree with you, but there is some apps that available for free on the Samsung Apps but paid on the Play Store. Also, Samsung Apps accepts pay via carrie's credit, this is useful especially in the developing markets.

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Whilst I (and most others) would prefer to just use a single app store (i.e. Google Play),I actually think this is a bad move from Samsung. I would've thought that the whole point of a Samsung app store was to get people buying into the Samsung ecosystem for software and thus giving them an additional revenue stream.

What they should be doing is using the app store to bring closer integration with all of their devices across all OSs - phones, tablets, watches, smart tvs etc. If you have one account, you can access all your apps under one roof.

By making a hard split you are saying to the customer than you can have a small app store for your galaxy devices, or one big app store for all your android devices. I wonder which one people will choose?