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Getting into shape can be quite a struggle, and without being able to track your progress it makes it even more difficult. When I began running it was very hard for me to understand how far I ran, how long it took me, and more importantly how I was going to be able to track how I progressed daily. Runkeeper for Android is a great application that is available as a free download that not only allows you to track your runs, but nearly any other physical activity you can think of as well.

Getting set up with Runkeeper is an extremely easy process, an account will have to be created but it requires only basic information. After you enter your height, weight, gender and some other information your account is set up and ready to be used. The main screen that launches from here will allow you to select what type of activity you will be performing, whether it be running, cycling, walking or any other type of physical activity.

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Once an activity is selected the begin activity button will become available, and once pressed the tracking begins. The device will use the built in GPS to track your locations and calculate distance, so this will need to be turned on through the device settings. Throughout the course of the activity the application will speak progress reports. Every 5 minutes it will speak to inform you how long it has been, how far you have gone, how fast you are going, and the current pace.

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Upon completing the activity all that needs to be done is press the end activity button, and then confirm that the activity is ended. When the activity is complete the application gives you a place to put in some notes about how the activity went, who it was completed with and a few other options. After all of this is completed it will then give a recap of the workout, giving overall time, distance, speed and any other audible alerts you wish to have read. In addition to reading the information it also stores it in your account by date, so you can go back and view previous workouts.

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With having the previous workouts listed it gives the ability to not only monitor progress, but to view previous routes and to see what pace was kept throughout. While it may not be immediately obvious, monitoring and comparing previous workouts and results will definitely help motivate and push for the next workout to be that much better.

For free, Runkeeper is an extremely powerful workout tool that should definitely be installed on the device of anyone who walks, runs, bikes, kayaks or does any other type of physical activity. Set a goal, track your goal, and try to beat it.


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Runkeeper for Android [App Review]


Runkeeper is good, used it for a few months, but Strava is better especially for runners who also cycle.

I've been using Runkeeper for a while and am happy with it, but am waiting to see if they add support for additional heart rate monitors before I go for the paid option. The one Polar HRM that works with Runkeeper is poorly rated. If I'm going to spend $75-%80, I want something better.

Also, their discussion boards are full of paid members who can't seem to get any support from the company. I realize they're growing very fast, but they need to support their customers better.

I thought it was a good app until one day I couldn't get no GPS signal at all. Tried others apps and the GPS was fine.

I've had the same problem. When RunKeeper doesn't work, Endomondo works and vice versa. I use Endomondo MUCH more though since it is more reliable(in my area anyways) and has the same features.

I've been using My Tracks, didn't know there were dedicated apps for running... thanks for the heads-up.

The market for this type of app has become very crowded. Runkeeper is a fine program and I've used it a lot. But Endomondo, Mapmyrun, Livesport, Strava have all the same basic functionality. I'd love to see some side by side comparisons of these apps.

I've been using Cardio Trainer for the last couple years now. Love it. I have tried using Endomondo and Runkeeper but always go back to CT.

I agree about Cardio Trainer, it's very reliable. Runkeeper can't seem to keep the GPS on for a whole run unlike other apps.

I've used the free and pro version of Cardio Trainer but it has not worked with ICS ever since i got my GNexus. Anyone know a good runner's app that works on ICS w/o crashing? Im @idwizzle on twitter

I use Cardio trainer, mainly because it let's me play music while I run. I guess I'll need to find a new one once ICS comes out for my phone.

How does Runkeeper compare with Endamondo? (which I use to keep track of running,biking and even walking). Thanks

Runkeeper app and website in my opinion look a lot nice than Endomondo. The one downer for multi sports, is that Runkeeper does not import or display cadence data which is a real downer for cyclists.