This week seems to be the week to announce Android 2.1 update happenings, doesn't it? In this week alone, we've seen the Droid receive confirmation that it'll be rolling out 2.1 within the week, the Cliq caught word that it'll join the 2.1 party in March, and now the European HTC Hero is being rumored to rock the wonderfulness of Android 2.1 by mid-March. And it's only Wednesday!

The HTC Hero had been rumored to get Android 2.1 in February but as the days go by, that's looking less and less likely. We guess there are bound to be problems in updating Android when the HTC Sense UI is so embedded in the software. Word on the street is that Sense is also supposed to get an update with a new 'Friend Stream' widget that brings you closer to your social networks. Other HTC Hero Android 2.1 observations can be found here.

[tweakers via engadget]


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Rumors now say European HTC Hero to get Android 2.1 in Mid-March


Probably a little later... so like April? I hope not, but thats probably when. They could mess with us and release a spoof update on April 1st.

Just relax, 2.1 will go to all eventually. If carriers are still selling the phone with contracts then they'll still have consumer encouragement to update. If you want to get an update, just get people to start nagging the carriers. They have the money and influence to pressure the manufacturers

Sod rumours!

I'm really peed off with HTC for not coming out with a clear answer on plans to upgrade their early android phones, e.g. the Magic, which I love btw, but can't recommend to others until the above is sorted out...