Angry Birds

Rovio is celebrating the Angry Birds second birthday with the release of their updated version of Angry Birds. The update, available now in the Android Market, brings 15 new cake-inspired levels to the mix bringing the grand total of Angry Birds levels to 300! They managed to input some goodies as well for fans:

  • Party with the amazing expandable orange bird!
  • Check out the spiffy new menus and graphics!
  • Special birthday achievements make this update a treat!
  • As a birthday gift to our fans, all episodes are now unlocked!

Happy Birthday Angry Birds and thanks for the great update. Hit the break for the download, folks.

There are 12 comments

Now all htey need is a paid version that you can play offline.

tluv00 says:

Update didn't work for Android for some reason. No new levels.

Moo Cow says:

I updated and got nothing new either. I had the 15 birthday levels released late last year or whenever. But there is still only 15 birthday levels. So something isn't right here.

Moo Cow says:

Did some research. This is merely a bug fix update; no new levels have been added.

Viper says:

Am I the only one that still plays this game solely for the purpose of getting 3 stars on all levels out of a feeling of necessity, even though it isn't that fun anymore?

bdb23 says:

Viper - I'm with you.

stturner says:

I still play for the purpose of getting 3 stars, but I also find it fun to play. I also enjoy trying to find the new golden egg

LadyDi says:

Sad but true and yes

bdmridgback says:

My wife is OCD as well (I wont show her this) and only plays to get 3 stars on them all. She just finished the very last level and i just showed her this update and now she is pissed because she has to keep playing! :)

LadyDi says:

I, too, play for the 3 stars and for the heck of it as well. I am addicted like someone's wife. We won't mention any names. For those who cannot see the newest update, here's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Maybe clearing your Market cache will help)

I am using market version 3.4.4 and I actually typed Angry Birds into the search to see the update. Not sure but I think my "other" install may have been through that "OTHER" android app store AKA AAS. Anyhow, the newest AB was released on Feb 8 and it is version 2.02 if this helps. Enjoy pig demolishers ENJOY!!

Kandoo-BB says:

Cool! So I can expect to see this update on my playbook by Christmas!? Can't wait!

Lothinator says:

There are no new levels.

Turns out Rovio simply didn't bother to update the What's New section from their last release. There were no new levels, it was a minor bugfix update. Rovio should make an apology for the tens of thousands of Android users (millions?) who were duped into thinking they were getting new levels because someone at Rovio was too lazy to update the What's New box.