HTC Thunderbotl

Have a shiny new HTC Thunderbolt, itching to be rooted, but only have a Mac with which to do the deed?  You're in luck -- our very own Cory Streater happens to love his MacBook Pro, and he's the type who can't sleep well when he has an unrooted Android laying around.  He's taken the time to work up an excellent tutorial, complete with a single download for all the needed files.

If you're looking for a way to root with your Mac that doesn't involve Boot Camp, you can stop.  Just point your browser to the Thunderbolt hacking forums and start reading.  [Android Central forums] Thanks, Cory!

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Thank you Mr Streater. I was beginning to think that our was the only person with a MacBook Property and a TBolt. Now no longer left out in the cold dragging around all all bloatware.

El Jefe says:

A MacBook??

BLASPHEMY!!!! You should be ashamed Mr. Streater!! :-)

petaf says:

MacBook and ThunderBolt here, too. :-)