Today Revolv, the home automation hub that brings together all of your connected home devices, has picked up Nest support and is also welcoming a new Android app. With the added support, users will now be able to integrate their Nest thermostat with other devices in the home, creating automations or controlling Nest through the Revolv app.

The Revolv hub connects to your existing connected home system and allows you to control and integrate devices like Sonos, Philips Hue and Insteon. Actions can be created based on your location, time or trigger, making it easy for you to connect devices that may not typically work together out of the box.

The Revolv hub is available now at Amazon for $299.


Reader comments

Revolv hub gains Nest support and new Android app


They are going to need to be more competitively priced. The WINK Home Automation Hub is priced at 49.95 and accomplishes the same tasks.

No they don't. The Wink does a lot for $49.95. The "robots" are analogous to Revolv's triggers so both allow rather sophisticated interactions between formerly unassociated devices. But the Revolv supports many more protocols, so it can tie together products from a wider variety of systems. However, the specific functionality on some of these protocols are minimal. You can't do custom hues on Phillips bulbs, for instance.