If you're in the market for some new housing arrangements, you might want to check out the latest app from Realtor.com. Making use of GPS and Google Street Views, the Realtor.com app allows you to search within one to twenty miles of your location, locate the property and instantly connect with an agent to schedule a tour. You can also dictate voice notes and email friends and family the listing all from right within the application itself. You can catch the video of it in action after the break or head on over to the Android Market to download it for free.

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Lockeskidney says:

cool but i still prefer Zillow

im kinda a nerd when it comes to houses. i love zillow and being able to go near a house and find my location. Boom i know the cost of the house and how many bed/bath

I saw a website about this on Realtor.com yesterday buy lost the link. Wouldaposted it sooner

Smokexz says:

Another reason why Android is win, they even said it in the video, it has more stuff than iPhone app

bearmacerick says:

This is a good step in the right direction. As a Realtor, I can tell you this is an excellent app.

SlappyMcgee says:

Awesome. downloading it now :)

SlappyMcgee says:

Cool Find. I am downloading this now. I am currently in the market for a new house :)

jj1814 says:

swear I had this idea about 2 years ago... but it was for iPhone. Good stuff.

Ms Charli says:

About Damn Time I have been waiting on this app for months. Being a Realtor Zillow is ok but not as accurate as Realtor.com.

deparson says:

It seems to be down/not working. "You must have a wifi or cellular data connection to search."

mobirealty says:

One of the most stable andriod apps is probably Smarter Agent (I use it, they are based where I live and get a lot of press). It's used by realtors, but you can get SmarterAgent in the Andriod marketplace. It has direct feeds from MLSs, via its Realtor partners who can get private labled versions, I use a version that just has all the NJ listings where I live by REMAX NJ, but if you downlaod the one called Smarter Agent it will work in most markets. It's been around longer than most.