Galaxy S5 back cover

You may be able to get a replacement cover now, but there's a good reason to wait

One of the hotter topics in our Galaxy S5 forums today is the different colors of the Galaxy S5. Specifically, it's that the battery door for the white model is more of hard plastic than the softer black cover. (And if you can find the blue, I highly recommend it. It's so nice.) So, folks are hunting around for replacement battery door covers. Black on white should be pretty good — and blue on white may be even better.

And we're starting to see doors pop up on eBay, imported from China.

But there's a catch. And one that you need to be aware of before putting these covers on your phone.

Pay particular attention to the item description and pictures. For the ones we've seen so far (here and here), there's no rubber gasket on the inside. And that means you won't get the proper IP67 rating against dust and water. (That goes for this sweet-looking brushed metal number, too, it seems. It might be noted in the item description — it is in two listings we've seen — or it might not.

So be careful. You'll probably want that gasket. We'll keep digging, of course. But in the meantime, caveat emptor.


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Read this before buying a new Galaxy S5 back cover on eBay (or anywhere else)


I tried a metal case on my Note 3 and the signal strength went to 0 (zero) People should be aware of that as well with replacement cases.

i bought a aluminum case for my Note2 and it worked great but it might have reduced the signal strength a bit but nothing i noticed..

Just use some silicone and seal the back cover on there. Most people don't need to remove it anyway ;)

Nice... Bunch of normal people will buy third party cases and complain that their phone died because of water. Samsung will have major headache.

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Yeah, this is interesting. If you swapped the covers back how would they know? I assume warranty covers water damage if it is advertised as being water proof.

Samsung did not warranty the Active for water damage. At least that was what I took from a statement I saw from Samsung...

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It's not water proof, it's water resistant. Therein lies the problem-- people think it's the same thing.

Thanks for the PSA. I'll be in the market for a brushed metal style cover, but not going near anything that destroys my IP67.

Reminds me of the Thunderbolt covers that didn't have the antenna built in. You'd get no bars when you used them.

Haha, no worries mate... I've found it in my heart to forgive Verizon for that disaster.
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Wow that brushed metal cover looks sweet. Would totally get one if Samsung made it with the IP67 standard. I hope they are listening. :P

Thank you for writing this article...This will prob be a problem for some if their phone gets wet and it does not have the gasket on the back.

The Copper Gold dotted, reminds me of the old ST communicators..would be nice to be able to buy that back as the color is offered by Sprint or from what I see the main US carriers.

Is the inductive charging built in the S5 or does that faciliate a back panel purchase also ?


I could be mistaken but Sprint or any other carrier at the moment offer the Gold or Blue trimmed version of the S5.

You will have to buy a special wireless charging back from Samsung, $29.95 if I am not mistaken. It became available before the phone officially came out.

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You are mistaken. When the S5 was unveiled, Sprint only listed white & black. I got plenty pissed because I wanted a gold one & after the phone was officially released I made a few phone calls to Sprint & Samsung asking if there were any plans to start selling all four colors or even just the back covers within the US. Both promptly said no plans have been made to release the blue or gold in the US. When they told me that, it was already May

Verizon only has Black or White. It would be nice if we could buy genuine Samsung covers or be able to bring the phone in to Verizon to have it swapped.