A pretty slick deal just came down the pike from RadioShack. Order up an AT&T or Sprint HTC One with a two-year contract and they'll toss in $100 worth of games and apps and stuff from Google Play. 

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RadioShack offering $100 Google Play credit with an HTC One


I was going to pick up the S4 Active or One today from AT&T, looks like I'll have consider what one I want more and then head down to Radio Shack! Any cons buying from a third party?

Be clear on the eft, return policy and stuff like that. Some third parties tack on extra fees

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If there is an issue with the phone, can you go to AT&T to get it replaced or do you have to go back to Radio Shack? I also saw that Best Buy is offering the HTC One for $100 off the price, so $99 only.

Are you really into $100 in apps, movies and music? I'd go for Best Buy. I trust their refund policies way more than Radio Shack.

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Do Google Play cards have to be used only for apps and music? Or could you put it toward a Nexus 10 or some such?

Edit: Looks like my question was answered below.

Not sure about att but Verizon nor sprint have any kind of issue taking care of any problems I have had with the phones and they were all bought at a third party retailer (Best Buy and Sams)

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I'd suggest getig it from best buy. The protection plan from best buy is better and it covers everything but water damage I think If you get the normal geek squad plan.

The Geek Squad Protection does cover water damage, just not if it was fully submerged in water (dry it out first). The GSP doesn't cover lost or stolen, however, which is one advantage the carrier insurance has. But if that's not an issue for you and you don't like paying deductibles ($0 deductible on GSP), then Geek Squad is the way to go.

Source: Best Buy Mobile Sales Lead

I bought an HTC One from Radioshack, but got a defective unit twice, they let me exchange after going through two bad phones to an S4 and no cost, so I would say they would be good.

Opinion, of course and even if you're a fan it's hard to argue against the Butterfly S / possible DNA 2 being better...already. P.S. I am a fan of the One, too. Not nearly as much as I am of the Nexi line though.

Agreed. The Play store is not very consumer friendly when it comes to payment options in general. When I bought my Nexus 7, I had a $100 Visa gift card I wanted to use and then apply the balance to my credit card, and there was no way to do this.

Couldn't you go to Radio Shack and pricematch with Best Buy(who has the One for $99 this week) AND get the $100 Google Play gift card?

I bought my htc one on farthers day. If I bring it back to the shack, think they will give me the 100.00 dollar gift card?

yes. they can return it in the pos and rering the sale. I used to be a radioshack employee and I would give people promos all the time

Thanks Gents for keeping me grounded.. and reminding me to WAIT a month or two (Xmas) to get the Note 3.. To let things settle down.. and the deals settle in..