When we reviewed the Rachio Iro connected sprinkler system, we were pleasantly surprised with how well everything worked together and one of the highlights of the system was the app that made it all happen.

It was intuitive and really covered all the basics needed to run the system but as always, there was some room for improvement as well because no system is perfect. Knowing that, the developers have now released a pretty sizeable update and its one that brings even more control, capabilities and end-user options.

  • Push notifications for iOS and Android
  • Weather Intelligence sensitivity adjustment
  • Start-on date for schedules
  • Username OR email address can now be used to login to the mobile app
  • One-click schedule start
  • Manually running multiple zones with different watering durations
  • Ability to reorder zones on watering time screen by dragging and dropping
  • Ability to set rain delay # of days
  • Display total duration on watering times screen
  • Ability to modify person preferences

The improvements to scheduling alone make the update great but adding in the ability control different zones and display watering times makes it even better. If you've not already checked out our review, make sure you give it a look. The update to the app is live right now, so if you're already using it, you should be seeing it available for download.


Reader comments

Rachio Iro app update allows for even more ways to water your yard from anywhere


How about water usage? Did it reduce the amount of water you use?

How is your lawn doing? Waiting on an update before I seriously consider getting one.

Well I'm going to be slightly off topic but here's my two cents on the matter. I don't want my sprinklers connected to the wifi or an app, but I do want to get the best savings and the right lawn care out of it. So I picked up a Raindrip, weathersmart pro. It has a built in receiver which gets realtime weather updates from your local weather broadcast, has an external rain sensor/shutoff. and this year to date has saved me over 75% water usage while maintaining my lawn green. It even qualifies for rebates. $49 and HomeDepot.

Because of this, I can't consider dropping $249 for something that will have marginally better/worse results.