Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC ThunderBolt. Whodathunkit, eh?

Here we have a very quick look at that leaked Android 4.0.3 ROM put forth by Team BAMF for what either is the best phone of the past year or so, or the worst, depending on your point of view. What you see here is ICS, of course, and it's got Sense 3.6 atop it. That's complete with all the bells and whistles you would expect, including HTC's excellent lockscreen customizations, quick settings in the notification pull-down, and HTC's other reworkings.

And you know what? It runs surprisingly well. We're not going to pass final judgment on that just yet -- this is an unofficial leak, after all, so let's wait until Verizon actually pushes the thing. But so far, we're pleasantly surprised, and we have a feeling you will be, too.

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A quick look at Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC ThunderBolt


Turning on BT causes phone to boot loop from what people are saying. I think the leak is helpful for devs that can fix that problem but it seems it's not quite ready.

People have already found out what was causing this. You need to be on the latest release of the radios and then the BT will not crash causing boot loops.

So far everything has been working great on my Tbolt since updating to this last night. I was running Liquid ICS, which had working data already since last Friday, and I prefer Liquid ICS because it retains the ICS look and runs more smoothly, but I will stick with this until they can incorporate more of the functionality from this leak since Liquid ICS still had some camcorder issues(not that that's really important anyways.)

I haven't tested out the Bluetooth yet, other than enable it, and nothing bad happened when I enabled it, though I haven't tried connecting to anything with BT yet.

running it (fine) on my TBolt.

seems a little laggy, to be honest. uncertain what's up with that. but it's solid and hasn't FC'ed or Rebooted on me yet so i'm taking it as a victory.

awesome job

honestly i feel like ICS when you are on AOSP ICS looks and feels much different than GB, but HTC and big red have managed to skin it so badly with sense that it might as well have not updated lol. Can't wait till some good devs get their hands into this and rom us up some goodness.

Looks like this leak is from April and a test release. From XDA:

" 4.0.3 IML74K eng..20120425.150931 test-keys
ro.aa.romver=7.00.605.2 CL370649 test-keys
ro.product.version=7.00.605.2 710RDδΈ‰ 4月 25 15:10:26 CST 2012

interestingly its from april and its android 4.0.3 (inc2 is from july and 4.0.4) (both are sense 3.6 obviously)

so im assuming verizon either a) has something a lot newer in testing or b) tabled bolt ics like some carriers did for dhd ics (id bet a personally)"

As it states, interesting that a leak for the Incredible 2 has ICS 4.0.4 and is newer from July, but also has test keys. See:

So after 2 attempts of force closures and what not, I finally got it working. Had to format the whole system (except sdcard) in 4ext recovery to get to to load up. Have had a few buggy moments where a reboot was required. Fairly smooth and stable though, but having been on nonsense Rom since the day I rooted ( bout a day after buying it ) I gotta say can't wait to get some customs on here. Hate sense all over again, lol. Even though its 3.6 it isn't much better or different than old versions from what I can tell. But a working ice is nice to have finally!! Well, with 4g that is. Liquids ics that was out last week or so was sweet even with just 1x. But I wanted to give it a shot. Will run for now till we get some new stuff up from some great devs. Looking forward to them! And ps to anyone having issues, read the forum strip at teambamf for fixes. Happy flashing!

I'm running a non-rooted ThunderBolt and I don't see much difference between Android version 2.3.4 and ICS 4.0.3 shown in the video above. The screens are almost identical. Am I missing something? What's the big deal? Thanks, Gary