Maybe you are one of the many who does not have Google Navigation, or perhaps you simply want an alternative. Sygic Mobile Maps may be just what you are looking for. It is a polished turn-by-turn GPS application that has some nice features.

  • Text-to-speech – voice guidance announcing the name of the next street or road.
  • Choose addresses straight from your contacts.
  • Music playback fades out smoothly so you can better hear the voice instructions.
  • Improved GPS lock.
  • Smooth position display as you follow your route.
  • Increased font size of street names and information bars for improved readability.
  • Voice guided gps navigation software and maps.
  • Easy installation process.

This is an application you need to install on your SD card, and it must be purchased directly from Sygic's website. The biggest negative is its price -- a hefty $90.

If you can get past that, you'll have yourself a pretty decent turn-by-turn GPS application for your Android device.


Reader comments

Quick App: Sygic Mobile Maps for Android


Let's see: *pay* and use up space on my sd card... use Google Maps free. Doesn't use my sd card.

Pay, free??? Pay, free? Pay, free....

Be right back.... Got to think this one through.

really.. Really? Why wouldnt you buy a dedicated garmin device for this price. I can see people biting at $20/$30 but $90??!! You have google maps on G1 devices now. I can see this for windows mobile phones but too little too late.

That's a European Hero. But if you root your G1, you can have a knock-off Sense UI rom or anything else that's out there ;-)