Toq update

Qualcomm has updated the software for their Toq smartwatch today — both the Android app and the watch firmware — and have brought along a few noteworthy improvements.

Along with the enhancements and fixes that come with every update, today's release updates the Activity Tracker, updates the text conversation history, and brings a few new clock faces. To initiate the update, hit Google Play for the latest app and follow the instructions to update the firmware.

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Qualcomm updates Toq software with new release


They will. But by the time they do, it won't be worth it due to the onslaught of superior competitor's devices that will be released a few months from now.

The activity tracker needs a way to start and stop. I can be sitting at my desk and it's racking up steps with normal arm movements. Update- activity tracker still highly inaccurate when it comes to counting steps. This needs fixing.

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