It's been a few weeks since the Qualcomm Toq last had an update, but the latest makes it well worth the wait. This time around it's not just some new pretty faces, but also a bit of functionality to kick things up a notch. In addition to a new "World Clock" clock style, you also get access to the new Activity applet that tracks you over a 24 hour period and reports back to the app on your phone. 

What's new:

  • New “World Clock” clock style allows you to toggle through the local time and weather in your favorite cities
  • New Activity Applet (Beta) monitors your activity while wearing Toq and tracks your activity “points” over a 24 hour period. View a history of your daily activity point totals in the Toq Android app.
  • New ”Activity” clock style shows the time plus your current activity ‘points’ at a glance
  • Adds ability to select temperature scale in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

The Activity Applet is still in beta so it may or may not work too great right now. We haven't played around with it too much yet but we'll definitely report back if it turns out to be any good. 


Reader comments

Qualcomm Toq gets another update, adds world clock and activity monitors


Of course it is. It's only a concept. I could make a Chromewatch concept that is thin, lightweight, waterproof, has a speaker, microphone, .22 cal. pistol (single shot of course but I hear that they are working on making it hold 5 rounds all while being thinner) , health monitor, full HD color touchscreen, 3 week battery life and your own personal assistant waiting for you at the press of a button.

I don't really like concepts..

Still waiting on my Android Pebble update that was supposedly coming very, very soon over a week ago. Too bad it wasn't very, very, very, very soon. I bet I'd have it by now.

I like the Activity Monitor. The watch is really great, but I need seconds. That and 24-hour time would put it over the top because it almost blows me away already with function, battery life and notifications.