Qualcomm brings gaming to life with their new augmented reality platform

And now for something truly awesome. Some fellas from Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!), in partnership with Qualcomm in their Augmented Reality Game Studio, have created a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots game using Qualcomm's new Augmented Reality platform and recently-introduced SDK. You just point the app at a special arena map and the robots spring to life in your world. As a bonus, Qualcomm has included location and compass support, so moving around in space gives you a different perspective on your game. Check the video after the break [via Android and Me]

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jcmyers79 says:

Ah the possibilities! Hungry Hungry Hippo's, next?

alexnaoumi says:

that would be sweet, lol

storm14k says:

SON OF A...... I had seen this around the Android blogs but never looked. Good grief...imagine playing Madden this way. To hell with Kinect.

Wow, awesome!

several says:

Looks fun, but why are they playing with their index fingers instead of their thumbs? Odd.

hct says:

I notice that too then I realize they cant be covering the camara on the phone

CaptainYoshi says:

They're probably holding the phones that way just for the benefit of the video. Thumbs would block more of the screen.

kurosavvas says:

Well maybe they didn't want to lose their sig... OH that's another phone... :)

jjperez1920 says:

Holy Snapdragons this is really slick when and where I'm ready.

GQ50 says:

This is too cool.