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If there's anything we love more than a tech company that's constantly pushing the envelope and developing new things, it's one that has a sense of humor whilst doing it.  We're assuming that Qualcomm hasn't really developed a working bug circus to recharge smartphone batteries, but who can be sure?  In either case -- it's amazing, or terrifying, and worth a look.

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Droid-One says:

Where's the disclamer saying no bugs where hurt while filming this video? That was pretty cool. That's thinking out the box.

JSKershaw says:

It was at the end of the video.

ddot196 says:

That was awesome!

This has to be the coolest video demo EVER.

That was awesome! Wish the video was longer ... Something oddly intriguing about bugs charging a cell phone. So original!

mike340t says:

How much to purchase this battery charger lol

dacp283 says:

Lmao outstanding

cjtraas says:

Awesome ... I want one.

itrustme618 says:

awesome. thats true eco friendly .

Very awesome definitely

vicw926a4 says:

Brilliant! Can't wait to show it my grandchildren.

dyastrab says:


KrsWon says:

That rocks. Could have gone without the spider, lol.

And just as long as the phone isn't that buggy :-)

I love it.. I want to know if this was done in house or by a marketing company... Creative work..


bearcatman09 says:

The fact that you all are so excited about a staged episode of carnival nonsense makes me afraid for the future of humanity.