Qik Premium

Qik Video is now available in a premium version, which adds a slew of new features to the Skype-owned camcorder/video chat app. For $4.99/month, users will have access to Qik Desktop, which automatically sync your Qik videos to your computer for easy editing and sharing. In addition, premium users will be able to send and receive video mail, upload videos from your gallery to a Qik account, and record video in HD and 3D, depending on your device.

The monthly fee will also buy you unlimited storage space for your uploaded videos and priority support from the Qik troubleshooting team. Qik Video Premium comes with a 30 day free trial for those who want to test the water before they jump in, and can be downloaded from the Android Market after the break.


Reader comments

Qik Video Premium adds a slew of new features for a $5 monthly subscription


Most android devices don't have GTalk yet... Plus, GTalk doesn't allow saving the videos online - as far as I know - or sharing...

I want to know if the free service will continue to have unlimited storage as well - since Sprint users have had this for over 18 months now...?

Qik works okay, but I also don't think it's worth $5 a month. Plus now Skype works well for video chats, and I don't think any extras that Qik is advertising pushes it in front of any others.

On some Sprint models, namely Evo3D, Qik displays upside down. This has been an issue for well over a month. Still haven't resolved it. Not even going to consider paying reoccurring monthly fees for any premium service til they square away current issues. I vote no confidence. EPIC FAIL..