Nielsen Q2

Nielsen released its mobile subscriber data for Q2 2012 today, and it shows a tight race between Samsung and HTC for the title of top Android manufacturer. Among total Android users, 17 percent own a Samsung device, while 14 percent have an HTC device. Motorola claims 11 percent of the Android market share, coming in a close third.

Among all U.S. mobile subscribers, 54.9 percent now own a smartphone, with 51.8 percent of those subscribers owning an Android device, compared to iOS's 34.3 percent market share. Two out of three new mobile subscribers in Q2 opted for a smartphone, with 54.6 percent of those choosing an Android device, topping the 36.3 percent that chose an iPhone.

Source:  Nielsen

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Iv88 says:

I thought Foxconn manufactured apple products? O_o

Mtn_Scott says:

Sammy makes parts for the IPhone. FoxConn assembles, Apple markets.

mwara244 says:

After this lawsuit from apple to samsung, samsung should lose the parts and delay shipping to screw up the next iphone release date for all this bs patent trolling

Mac58 says:

Actually since these lawsuits started Samsung has either lessened the work load for iphone parts or cut it off altogether. I heard this last year from a Samsug rep so take it for what its worth but it would only make sense that Samsung force apple to do business with another company. I mean the end result is iphones probably still selling since their iphones, but the product quality will be nowhere near the same.

BigDinCA says:

It's weird that these numbers don't jive with the HTC and Samsung earnings.

rap1 says:

These are only US market share numbers. I think I heard Samsung has a huge percentage of the Korean market for example.

Mtn_Scott says:

HTC makes phones. Samsung makes... a little of everything, including parts of the Iphone.

BigDinCA says:

I get all that and wasn't expecting to see them almost even in earnings. But even Samsung referenced their smart phone sales as the huge contributing factor to their stellar earnings. And I understand the earnings are worldwide so I don't think they should be lower, I'm just surprised HTC isn't doing a little better. Maybe next quarter will be a different story for them. I hope so.

l00natic71 says:

The earnings reports were for Samsung mobile, they also have Samsung Semi and display divisions... they all report separately. Samsung also makes home appliances, and million other things.

Mac58 says: this is for the Samsung as a whole? I thought these numbers represent only mobile Android OS and the conference call for samsung was only for Samsung mobile? THe conference call was for EVERYTHING they make?

001358 says:

HTC only sells phones and a few tablets. Their total market share is 17.4% pretty close to Samsung's 17.5.
Samsung's market share and total earnings don't match up because it sells way more than just smart phones.

rap1 says:

I believe that is 17% of all US smart phone users have a Samsung Android device. Among Android smartphone users, Samsung has a 33% market share; HTC has 27%; Motorola, 22%; and other manufacturers, 18%.

Did anyone else notice that apple is yellow, in the center, and is listed at 34% and the 51% android section is not really 51% of the area of that entire graphic? The scale of the boxes and percents don't match.

joebob2000 says:

OK, *(not to scale). Happy? It does kind of make it look like Android and Apple are pretty close, when Android really has 50% more subscribers than apple.

crxssi says:

Very good point

Kaggy says:

Really curious how does it look like if you add China and India to the picture.

adzrules says:

It's quite bad that the Nokia Lumia is the Windows mobile flagship phone and yet Nokia aren't even on the board when it comes to the major brands there!

giograves says:

Living in nyc, these numbers don't jive when 8 out of 10 people have iphone. *scratches head*

DWR_31 says:

Now go to the ghetto, hood, barrio, or whatever you want to call them and look for an iPhone.
Did you find one?
You found a bunch of iPods, but no iPhones.
Middle to Lower class households use Android for Mobile Computing and Apple for music playback. And every day more are learning that you buy Apple for status and you buy Android to get the job done.

Dan29466 says:

So, did Nielsen create that graphic with the intent to mislead people, or are they just lazy/stupid? Here's how the percentages really look.

Iv88 says:

Apple products are more techno-jewelry than anything else. More for ease of use versus power usage.