Sure, you can have just about any custom sound you can think of for notifications on your device, but one thing you can't easily do is make the alerts themselves a bit more fun to receive. Pops, a new style of alerts for your Android device, does just this by allowing users to have different themes of notifications, they are cool animations that make it a bit more fun. They have a constantly expanding gallery of notifications that can be accessed, and users have the ability to create their own as well, making your phone even more personal. Be sure to hop in the market, and check this application out if you want to take your device to the next level. Download information available after the break.

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TuRtZiLLa says:

Resource hog anyone?

looks like a battery eating machine....ill pass....

deltatko says:

So we are going back to the days of everything stopping when you get an email or text? Apple finally comes into the modern age of notifications and this thing is trying to take us back in time

ummmm how can an app you choose to install damange how far weve come? Don't install it and stay in the now....

jgodin03 says:

I installed it just to see. I had the same idea as you. But the app is only ''active'' when the screen is locked. When you play a game or type a SMS you have regular notifications.

deltatko says:

They should probably add that to the video because that isn't the impression it gave to me.

boondoc says:

they really do need to address that. while watching the video and seeing the "pops" i was like O_O

d2globalinc says:

Seems like a good practical joke to put that on someones phone.. or to torture someone.. Reminds me of those damn animated smiley crap things people used to download on their PC's and would install adware.

lorcha says:

Great, so now I can now turn my Epic 4G into an effing iPhone? Sign me up!!!!11 Can I have their autocorrect-hell keyboard, too? Purty pleeze?

warthog293 says:

Do not download this app is you like to use your keyboard, even after uninstalling I'm still having issues with my keyboard, I had to completely uninstall my keyboard and then reinstall it.

OkieJoles says:

Mine did that once, but now it works just like it normally does. Maybe it will happen again, I don't know.

vlbaston says:

I'm looking for it in the market can't find it.

warthog293 says:

That's probably a blessing in disguise

prissysox says:

it's a cool idea. cute app. however, it messes up my keyboard and had to uninstall and restart phone to be able to use key board again