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We're back from the Samsung Unpacked event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, where the Galaxy S4 was just announced. We've gotten to play with the phone a bit, and now it's time to share our initial thoughts. Join Phil Nickinson with a couple special guests for this special-edition, audio-only podcast!

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Android Central Podcast: Galaxy S4 special edition


when you release a phone with a bigger battery, a bigger and better screen, removable battery, micro sd card slot in a thinner, more light and with the same dimensions as the predecessor, for me that's really design engineering.

TouchWiz is the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up to date OS of them all [excluding stock Android of course]

it is a fully no compromise phone, with the GS4 you have absoluteness all the features you can have, and that's excellent overall design.

the GS4 will be my next phone for sure.

Mr Wilfreb you hit the nail on the head. All that phone in a smaller footprint. Innovation, Innovation and more Innovation.
Thank You Samsung
Thank You Phil and Renee

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the podcast? The "direct" link just goes back to this page? And when I logged in to post, the resulting page was a text line including the word "success". I had to enter the home page in the title bar, then click on "log in" again. Then I was logged in, but I still can't get the file. And I've tried on two computers, Firefox and Chrome. I also can't download the previous mp3s which I had no problem with before.