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Mickey and Phil recap the announcement of the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible, whether it renders the Nexus One obsolete, what it means for the Sprint Evo 4G and everything else Android. Listen in!

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Reader comments

Android Central Podcast Episode 7


Feed doesn't seem to be updating on my podcatcher.

Fixed now, downloading for listen on my way home. Thanks!

regarding the gmail web update.. there are some users that have custom android mods that come installed without the native gmail app.

personally, i use the gmail web app if i need to find an old email that i have not downoaded to my phone or cannot search (don't know what to search). if my only option is to find the email by date, the gmail web app is very useful for scrolling through email by date.

great, podcast as always. gj on keeping objective, honest, and down to earth at the same time.

I'm really starting to get in the habit of listening to this podcast. Good job guys. If you eat and breathe mobile it's fun to listen to.

You're welcome. :)

One issue though: you guys should have discussed Flash, or the lack thereof, more in depth. It really sucks for a lot of us who really want to see this happen(and the content that comes with Flash). Just today I was denied content at a local radio station website because my Nexus does not support it.

Other than that it was a great show!

Insomnia strikes again.

Re why use shortcut to website vs native Gmail app

Copy paste and attachment download baby.

T-Mobile does have another slider android. The Cliq, remember? Maybe your (somewhat founded) dislike for it caused you to forget it. It is one redeeming quality though as it is leap and bounds better than the Droid's flat keyboard. And it's d-pad is on the left(!) side.