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On a very special Android Central Podcast, we tackle the Samsung Froyo update and why we've scoffed at many of the rumors. Plus, Eric Schmidt's out as Google's CEO. And stick around at the end for a special contest announcement. Namaste!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 47


Good podcast guys. A correction, they did not give a date but they did say September, and November in tweets. Repeatedly. Additionally the 'people' or 'identities' who said that, no longer tweet. Another point you may have missed, a lot of the Froyo desire came because of google releasing updates to Gmail, and VoiceSearch and chrome to phone that would at least initially only work with 2.2. This was one of the reasons a lot of folks got antsy.

I'm with rahlquist on that one. That and Flash make Froyo that much more needed. When the company or carrier supplies no updates you will have problems.

The everyday user does care about getting updates oftain and here's why stupid AT&T slaies person says do not buy a Samsung Foucuse aka a Windonws Phone 7 phone because they don't update their software. This just wanted to say something but thought that I would not because I did not want to be kicked out of the mall. AT&T and all the other networks need to update the phones it is not Samsungs problem the US networks take way to long to update the phones. Also I would like to say that no Windows phones 7 phone will not take long to get updates out because they are not allowed to customize the software.
Lastly being an AR&T costermer with no updates yet iti s clear to me that AT&T is not be nice with Android updates just piss me off. I hope their new generation of android phones donot have thisl problem.


You stated that you got a recent leak of Froyo for your Captivate. Can you point to where it is?

That's old news. The way it sounded, I thought you had a newly leaked 2.2 ROM. Oh well, thanks for the update though. I really enjoy the podcast :)

thanks for the Samsung Galaxy theme of the show. as an epic user I want flash and consistent gps. I bought it on the first day I went to sprint because verizon seems gready, charging for nav, games, etc etc. At verizon I had the razor and the envy 2.

Sprint offered a one price for all package that Verizon did not. I also wanted a 4G phone to be "Cutting Edge" yet Samsung failed me in the fact that I do not have Flash and my "sprint nav" works 20 percent of the time and Google maps (50 percent) of the time and the GPS searching kills the battery. When I go with friends that have sprint we use the Nav on the LG lotus to get there and the battery on that phone last all day.

I love the camera, screen, keyboard, not happy about the usb being on top but overall not being a power user not ready to sue sprint/samsung (lol) . If I could I would probebly get an evo shift and accept the smaller screen for a flash and working gps.

been reading all the Rooting stuff and keep thinking "red rectangle" every time I get brave enough to start downloading all the parts needed to root myself to 2.2

I listen every week a day late because I get it from I tunes.

raul N So Cal