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It's a special post-Thanksgiving podcast, with more on the wait for Gingerbread. With special guest Craig Johnston. Join us!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 40


Some of the Roms that have been developed for the Droid X are truly Blurless. I particular, the Apex, by Fab, and Fission, by Team DeFuse, Roms have been built from the generic Android source and have no blur on them at all.

There are also a few Roms out there that have been stripped down in regards to Blur.

Just downloaded the Apex ROM to check. Still running on Motorola's Blur framework. Use root explorer to look in/system/framework/ and see the support libs and framework resources.

With the bootloader issue, I don't think it's possible to not use Moto's resources. I applaud the developers for getting as far as they have, and providing the end users with a stock alternative.

that intro confused the crap out of me. i thought my phone was going faulty cos that was my ringtone for ages and nobody was popping up for the call hahah

Thanks for episode 40. This is the first time I have run across your podcast and I am now a subscriber.

As an iPhone developer, I did want to chime in with a correction to episodes 40 conversation about iphone app ratings. About 30+ minutes into episode 40, someone mentioned that iphone apps are not rated (ie age related M, PG, G, etc). Actually, all apps in the itunes store are rated by content and age. Each app is rated by the developer during submission of the app to iTunes.

I share your concerns of trust regarding those with the authority to limit content. At any rate, fun show, easy to listen to and you cover a wide range of subject that I wouldn't have considered without listening to the show. Good job!