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Phil, Mickey and Jerry are back to talk up the Droid X, the Galaxy S, what's wrong with the Android Market, plus more of your voicemails and e-mails. Listen in!

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Android Central Podcast Episode 22


Fantastic podcast guys, thanks. One interesting thing is (a day after your podcast) when I search for puzzle from the UK in AppBrain they seem to have cleared out all the trash. Only came across child friendly apps ... good move.

Finally got a chance to listen to the podcast (stupid hotel internet..) and wanted to give my $0.02.

Not sure if you noticed or just failed to mention it, but all of those apps that you found when you searched for "puzzle" were made by a dev calling himself "Puzzle". Combine that with the "puzzle" in the title and a lot of mentions of "puzzle" in the description, and it's going to rank high in the search algorithm.

I agree that there needs to be some option to filter out based on score or sort by score (my preference), but I think this is more a case of someone gaming the system than anything else.

Also, regarding the Antennas app, I would recommend CellFinder instead. When I tried Antennas, it claimed my tower was in the Greenland Sea (I'm currently in the Florida panhandle). CellFinder, on the other hand, seems to find my tower and my location very quickly and accurately, though it does have a problem displaying the signal strength on my Droid.

Keep up the great work!