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Phil, Mickey and Jerry survive the LeBron James announcement and find time to talk new Android phones, who's getting Froyo when, a bunch of new apps and a slew of your e-mails and voicemails. Listen in!

Top o' the news - new phones!

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Android OS updates

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And as promised, here's the link to Google's issues page.

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Reader comments

Android Central Podcast Episode 20


Damn right the Colorado mountains are beautiful. :)

Can't wait to get my incredible on the 20th... god damn backorders.

Sorry Phil, but Mickey/Jerry/Dieter are all right on the money when they talk about lower-end Android devices like the Intercept. I mean, those of us who frequent blogs like AC may be all abuzz about the latest and greatest, but a lot of people just walk into the carrier store when it's time to upgrade and make a decision based on looks, price, and features. A friend of mine bought a Samsung Jack because she wanted a phone with a keyboard and it was at the magical $99 price point. It does a lot of stuff she'll never use, but she likes it.

Now imagine if she would've gotten a similarly priced and specced Android phone - she'd have access to a ton of easy-to-use features and would have an even better experience without even realizing why. Or maybe she would realize why and would stick with Android going forward.

My point is that these lower-end devices are there for the "rest of us" - those folks who just want a phone with a decent set of features and don't want to pay for an iPhone.