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We wrap up all the craziness that was Android in 2011, take a look at what we think is coming in 2012, and answer a few more of your voiecmails. Happy new year, y'all!

Thing 1: 2011 Android Central Awards

Thing 2: A look ahead at 2012

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Reader comments

Android Central Podcast Ep. 82: The 2011 Android Central Awards and a look at 2012


Still disagree with choice of Razr. The non-removable battery is a HUGE fail in an LTE phone for anyone who travels even a little bit (doesn't have to be 60 days a year as Phil said). Get one delayed flight where you need to depend on your phone and you can't find a free plug, and this phone is a liability. Combine that with uncertain timeframe for ICS, and I just can't see myself signing on for 2 years with this phone.

Nexus has ICS going for it and as I think Cory said, you don't have to download a bunch of third party apps to fill in gaps. Combine that with a beautiful screen and a removable battery (!) and you've got a winnner.

for the record , The RAZR have an external battery pack . you connect it to the phone via USB & it will charge it up

external battery packs are lame! seriously do you really want to be fumbling around with a life support pack attached to your phone in an already uncomfortable place. Fail! GS2 or nexus is the way to go.

It won't show up in iTunes !!!
no manner how many times I refresh & update , it doesn't show up at all , even though I can see in iTunes website , it won't show up in the app it self

the Zune link tells me : The Page is UnAvailable

Edit : Never mind , Its working now on iTunes

Where's the video link? I missed it live but plain audio just doesn't hold my attention very well

was i the only one that noticed that the video only has audio for Phil, and no one else. i had to play the audio version and the video together. lol

What a load of bullshit about sense. No one asked HTC to make sense. No one asked Samsung to make touchwiz. They chose to spend a bunch of time and resources creating these resource hogging monstrosities which add exponentially to the time it takes them to update their phones. This does not benefit the end user. "Our customers value Sense." BS. They don't know what stock android is and never had the option to even experience it to know if they do or don't prefer it over the manufacturers skin.

I pretty much agree with almost all the choices made by the editors and the readers here. However, I have only 2 disagreements. Phone of the year should be hands down the SGS2. This bad boy was released internationally in April and it is still very relevant today. Close second would be the Droid RAZR. The G-Nex is just waaay too geeky and not very intuitive at all to be pushed upon the normal consumers as the TV ads suggest. The G-Nex is a Geek/Dev phone... Period! My second disagreement with the readers (and I agree 100% with Phil on this) is the Bionic as the biggest let down of the year. Sure the Bionic didn't live up to it's 8 month hype, but it came out of the box as a high end device with all the high end specs at the time of release and it was very VERY capable at that. The Thunderbolt was actually the biggest bungle of them all. Super hyped as the FIRST LTE phone on Big Red and it came out of the box with major multiple serious issues, especially with the Battery Life and all the buggy Sense BullS#it! Great podcast guys as usual! Eagerly awaiting to hear from you guys again in 2012. =)

I also disagree with the Razr as phone of the year. My vote is for SGS2.
In my opinion it has
Better looking screen (even though its still 800x480)
Better processor (exynos ftw!)
Touchwiz over Moto/Phil/Ninja blur anyday
There's a version on every US carrier
Also thin and light but not too thin
Removable battery
Larger screen (Epic touch version)
Better reviews from "tech experts"

Of course I understand that there are many good phones and it all comes down to your "heirarchy of needs" as describe by Kevin of but I switched from the Evo3d to the epic touch and haven't looked back.

HUGE major fail for attempting to justify your choice of the Razr over the Nexus. It's pathetic and an insult to every one of your loyal reader/viewers' intelligence.