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We've got more new hardware than you can shake a stick at. In fact, we shook a stick at it, and out popped more new hardware. Join us as we talk the U.S. Galaxy S II phones, what's coming out of IFA, the latest Nexus rumors, and that creepy Droid Bionic bust we got in the mail.

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Android Central Podcast Ep. 69


Regarding David's voicemail about Samsung Fascinate. I (TripSixes in forums) have had the Fascinate since it was released last year. So, I've made the journey through the following advancements:

Out of box, Stock ROM (don't like Bing).
I quickly rooted and did all the manual work to get rid of Bing and all VzW Stock Apps. It was great.
I then followed the custom ROM's through the Adrynalyne SuperCleans of 2.1 and 2.2. 2.2 SuperClean was light years above the rooted/de-binged/de-bloated version, and I stayed on this ROM up until...

CyanogenMod7 on Fascinate!!! This is TRULY how the Fascinate should have operated since day 1 (yes, I realize GB wasn't released at the time). If Anyone asks me today what to do with their Fascinate, I would ecstatically proclaim that CM7FascinateMTD is THE way to go. The procedure to do so is quite simple.

I'm now 100% convinced that I will NOT upgrade to a new phone until CyanogenMod is supported for that phone. I never plan on running Stock or even pure-AOSP Android again.

Just trying to state that there's a TON of benefit to rooting the phone and going with a ROM that is entirely isolated from the Verizon Corporate decision making.