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Do you smell that? It's the sweet scent of a newly-crowed Best Android phone.

The Google Pixel is here, and Daniel, Andrew, and Alex dive deep on the Google Phone. From the resemblance to the iPhone (overstated), to the camera (totally amazing) to battery life (good on the Pixel, great on the Pixel XL), there's a lot to discuss, so join us!

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Android Central 311: Google Pixel review roundtable


I think you guys missed some key points that don't warrant the increase in price! These are featured that current flagship phones have (and Nexus used to have). Stereo front firing speakers, wireless charging and the water proofing. Most new flagships include some if not all these features. Gee even the iPhone 7 plus has stereo speakers now and water proofing! Love to hear the next podcast talk about the loss of these hardware features. I for one will wait until the Pixel 2017 comes out before I spend my hard earned money on a software rich hardware poor device! (Let's hope they don't remove the headphone jack and they add back other hardware features)

I agree. It's very frustrating to see new phones come out, especially at this price point without features that should by now be standard. This is Google's phone and we are told that it's "premium" yet it comes out without waterproofing or expandable storage. I'm also disappointed that the screen on the smaller phone isn't QHD, and the battery seems a little small. I was ready to trade my HTC 10 for a Pixel, but I don't think it's worth it!

I'm actually shocked how so many reviewers are gushing over these phones. They are in no way on par with the high end Sammy's and the like. They are hideous to look at, missing features and selling for double what they should be. I have to imagine that if it was anyone but Google who announced this is would be mocked into oblivion.

The impression I get is that they run smooth and fast enough to compete with everything out there, and that that camera is on par with the best out there. Both of which are great. Those things are important. But yeah, the hardware, amazingly built as I'm sure it is, does nothing for me.

And honestly, I have zero complaints about how fast and smooth my 2 year old Xperia runs. That in itself doesn't make me want to run out and buy a pixel, just for perhaps a 10% improvement. Also, similar things were said about the 6P at launch... Let's see how the Pixel is doing 3 to 6 months from now.

Maybe it's a case of you have to use it, to get it. But I haven't used it, so I don't get it.

Kind of activates me when Andrew tells us Nexus 6p owners to get over the fact that Google has kinda left us hung out to dry. This is a phone I got for fathers day, the 128 gig model with the 2 year Nexus Protect plan. My wife and I both thinking that the 6p would hold up until the Nexus 8 or would get the love that pixels phones get because it's a Nexus with a great screen, great camera (that is hanky at times, but does take some of the best quality pics still) and the most solid Nexus phone ever. I honestly would if not spent all that money on a Nexus 6p if I knew this was coming. So telling us tough is a little rough. Andrew is one of my favorite writers and personalities in this Android world, but that rubbed me a little wrong. Keep up the great podcasts guys.

Lot of typos in there, but you get the idea. Just pisses me off I shelled out a bunch of dough for a 128 gig Nexus 6p with the 2 year Nexus Protect and so far it seems like Google is telling us to EAD. What would happen if a year from now I use my Nexus Protect? Will they still be in Google's circulation or will I get a Pixel?

It's just a name change and a change in the way the phone was designed. Other than that just think of it as a Nexus. I mean sure maybe HTC isn't a partner but you would never know that. The phone looks very much like an HTC phone and every website and their mother is advertising that HTC built the phone. HTC is getting more advertising for this phone than any Nexus in the past. The price of the base model is even the same price as the Nexus 6 was a couple years ago.

But it had wireless charging, front firing stereo speakers, better water proofing and a 6in display! Plus Motorola would fix or replace it for $175.

How exactly have you been left out to dry? The phone you bought still does all the things it did before, and will still be supported and updated just like any other phone. Your Nexus protect insurance will still be valid...

You're annoyed a newer, better phone came out a year later? Just like it always does? And it does things yours can't?... That's what always happens. When the Galaxy S8 comes out, it will be better and do more things than the S7. That's how phones work.

No, like me, he's annoyed that the newer phone that came out a year (or two) later is a phone that doesn't meet all of his basic criteria for a new phone purchase, which means that it's not truly "better" for him. As for the "hung out to dry" stuff; eh, he's a little emotional.

Andrew, where on Project FI did you order your phone? I have looked on the site and did not find a place to order a phone.