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Recapping everything that happened at Google's Pixel event in San Francisco!

We're live from the Google Pixel launch event in San Francisco! Andrew, Russell and Flo are on hand to talk about their first impressions of Google's new Pixel phones, along with Daydream View, the Google's first VR headset, and Google Home, Wifi and the new Chromecast Ultra!

Lots to talk about this week, so dig in, it's a good one.

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Android Central 309: Google Pixel Special


I know these guys are hyped about this phone but I'm not seeing this at other websites. Everyone else is saying this phone is pretty average.

Yeah I'm not getting the buzz either. My galaxy S6 blows this thing away. I can't believe how much fail Google put into this and that price tag... This actually makes me interested in next year's iPhone lol. Sad as that is.

What was Google thinking with this non starter of an iphone clone? If they brought water resistance, sd card, wireless charging, starting storage at 64GB, then I could see a justification for the price. But for cloud storage and the best camera ( according to them) with an even more invasive Google Assistant. They want to charge this? This is a $500 phone at best. Why would anyone choose this over a Moto G4 Plus, Axon, or OP3? Yet Google would have you believe this is in the same league as an iphone or an Samsung and it is not.

Ok, first time posting a comment! Been a listener since Phil was on Windows Central! I feel we are going backwards! We are giving up lots of features to gain a premium feel device. Last year we lost the wireless charging because Google said oh it's quick charge and a USB-C connector. Wireless charging let's you just set the device down and not worry about hooking up the charging cable. With wireless charging you don't even think about you can't get a whole 24 hours on a charge because you just set the device down. Additionally this year with the Pixel we are giving up the stereo forward firing speakers. And maybe stereo all together (no clear answer as to if it's truly stereo or not). We also don't have a removal battery or and micro SD card slot. What will we give up next year (probably audio jack even though they are making a big deal that its there this year, they did that with the wireless charging a few years ago). The size ready bugs me too. The XL had an opportunity to stand out with a 5.7 in display in the same form factor. Someone here said what's the big deal going from 5.7 to 5.5. It's only .2 in. Well I guess next year they can just take it down to 5.3 in. What's the big deal! Well I could go on and on but it won't matter because it looks like Android Central are now such FAN BOYs that can't say anything negative about the Pixel! Loved the Nexus 6, Really like the 6p and hate the Pixel.. time to find an different brand of phone! Anyone know of a new wireless, front firing stereo speakers, removal battery, micro SD card, 5.7in phone I can buy? PS.. Missed Jerry for his honest opinions! Maybe time to listen to other podcasts!

Imore is the same
They have become pr for Apple and ac now for Google
The most honest are those in ap podcast

Can someone let me know who the knowledgeable female is on the podcast. I haven't listed to these for awhile and only recognized Andrew and Russell.

If only the damn thing was 5.7 inches. Other than that the Pixels are the best if the best. Outclasses all the rest think it looks great too. Other than the front of the white one the iPhone comparisons are easy over exaggerated. Pixel FTW!!

People will find *any* excuse to justify "Can't afford it" to themselves and whoever's listening.
When rumoured pricing came out people were doing the whole "no gold?...I'm out.
"No SD Card?..I'm out"
I'm waiting for "No camera hump?...I'm out"

yes, I listened too...I just don't get the AC podcast gang can whizzing past the verizon exclusivity, over-pricing, me-too- wanna be apple boring-ass design and specs and ooh and ahh over the camera and lifetime full rez photo and video backups. Fast camera, I get it. nothing else really compelling about these devices,,,and 23 GB usable on the 32 GB model according to Alex Dobie is shameful at these prices. Normals won't be flocking to verizon for these devices or en masse buy unlocked direct from Google. What a whiff Google.

That's because the Verizon thing really doesnt matter. You can setup payments on Google's website and pay the same amount you would through a carrier on an unlocked device. Google is trying to get this device mainstream and if you can make a deal that gives you money right off the bat, and puts you on the nation's single largest carrier it's worth it

I disagree. Not being on all 4 carriers at launch day is not A strategy for being mainstream. Vast majority of people just buy whatever is in a carrier store when they walk in... Whatever they they can afford or what's at best buy type of store. Google play website is not a place MOST people buy devices and a Verizon only strategy won't change that.

And there's... Wait for it... Video. Haha!

It's worth a watch/listen, and one of the hosts recommended an app called rocker locker which is, quite frankly, brilliant.

Eh, it's a brand new, hyped up device, so excitement is obviously really high, and they only got to do a hands-on in a controlled environment. Of course the impression was really good. The eventual full review is the important thing, and that will definitely be a lot more nuanced.

I thought it was IP53.... Isn't that like not even a water resistant NOR is it even dust proof.

The double twist thing works on the 5X right now. Switches to the front camera.

I really like how Now on Tap works WITHOUT me talking to my phone. I hope those uses have not gone away requiring the use of voice. I use it in my car a lot. I scan my home page and it brings up a few items and one of them is a tile to navigate to work or home or wherever.

And stop saying every high end feature is there when comparing these to Samsung or other high end phones. These do not have sd card slots nor do they have wireless charging. They also don't have front firing stereo speakers or even stereo speakers at all. The Google site says there is a single speaker. And the lack of water resistance is a big one this year. They also lack an IR blaster and most likely don't have an FM radio. They are missing a lot of features people really like that are included in other phones of this price.

I know, but this was a new article that you posted that wasn't being filled up with people screaming over Note7 fires, so I knew you would see it. :)

I have to say, it's really hard to sell stuff. I feel embarrassed every time I record one of those ads (even though I legitimately do use the razors!)

To be real I've been a customer of theirs since day 1 and I gotta say, good stuff, slick design, and hot damn can they build a site that hits all the ux design points on the head as far as modern function and aesthetic are concerned.

Glad to hear it! I have a beard, so I don't need their products, but it's good to know that this podcast (and like half the other podcasts I listen to) are advertising a quality product.