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What happens when we give Phil Nickinson and Michael Fisher 30 minutes to rap about the latest news on the upcoming Moto Z? This. This is what happens. We warned you. Or we should have warned you.

We're on the road this week, with Phil and MrMobile himself — the one and only Michael Fisher — attending Verizon's Moto Z Droid event. We've got a few new nuggets out of that one, and a few things we have to wait a little longer for.

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Reader comments

Android Central 297: Ze Moto Droid


Very curious to get MrMobile's (video) review given his history with Motorola devices.

Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition

Why are we giving the headphone jack omission a pass? All the sudden people dont use wired headphones apparently is the argument I'm seeing. And the adapter doesn't "fix" anything you WILL lose it. Let me tell you Samsung nailed it this year, they didn't think they know better and stuck to what worked.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

Bluetooth is better in a lot of instances for normal consumers. Not audiophiles of course. But that time you have no adapter for your wired earbuds.... It would be annoying

Posted via the Android Central App

No no no what's best for consumers is what they have been using for the last 20+ years not randomly disconnecting audio devices. This is change for the sake of change.

Full stop.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

I never have disconnecting issues. But I'm talking less wires is what a lot of people seem to want. There will always be phones that will satisfy a certain persons needs

Posted via G5 or Priv

I agree on that last bit, but people aren't ready for this transition and Motorolas sales will reflect this most likely

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

If you have a pair of wired headphones, then the adapter attaches to them and has a leash so it won't get lost if you aren't using. It won't be a big deal. It is only a matter of time before the headphone jack becomes obsolete. All technology becomes obsolete eventually.

Show me WHERE is the consumer demand for the end of wired headphones.

I'll tell you. It isn't. Lenovo only did it because they heard Apple would be doing it. And Apple is one to do it because that way they can rip off their customers by either denying them the use of their normal, non-Apple headphones, or by forcing them to buy a special adaptor that Apple will be selling for 70€-100€ extra.

So no. Bluetooth isn't better for normal consumers. Proof of that is that bluetooth headphones have gone nowhere despite having been available for years.

Sorry but I agree with thatguy97. This is change for the sake of change.

My gym, friends, things I read online, companies coming out with Bluetooth options more and more. I'm not going to throw a fit either way. I couldnt care less, I just roll with it. Choose what I like from available options.

Posted via G5 or Priv

I guess it is different where I live, I see more Bluetooth headsets than wired.

Posted via the Android Central App

Here's part of the problem with Moto. Doesn't the lower end Moto Z not even have a 3000 mAh battery? That's bad enough and now you're going to tell people to use bluetooth headphones which will kill a weak battery even faster. Yeah there can be adapters but that's more money that people don't want to spend on top of buying a new phone. Especially Moto buyers, who typically bought that brand in the past because their phones have been less expensive. I have an HTC 10 and audio through the headphones is amazing. I wish more phones had dac like the 10 so they could understand difference in quality.

There's a fix for that: battery mod. I could see your battery complaints if you had just a weak battery, but there is an item to fix the problem. I also wish more phones had a DAC like the 10 as well. Btw an adapter comes with the phone. Don't get me wrong, I do not like the omission of the audio jack, but I can deal with it. And the standard Moto Z is simply too thin for one. The force.... maybe. They might have taken the headphone jack away from the force as well as to sell the standard Z, and remember, 7mm is still a thin phone. They might have also taken it away to maximize battery capacity, 3500 mAh in a 7mm phone is pretty good. I may not agree with moto's choice of removing the headphone jack, but I do understand potential reasons why. And I also understand why Leeco removed it on their newer phones: because they want their phones to be more futuristic, it seems. I mean, their first phones were the first ever to have USB-C ports, and they also had the first phone with an SD820, as well as the first with qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Ultimately, they pulled an apple before Moto pulled an apple.

When you work a corporate 'desk' job and want to listen to music throughout the day, there aren't many options.

So companies can never make changes and move forward? Same rumblings moving from mini to micro to USB C, people adapt and move on. Plus if you like wired headphones, either buy an adapter, buy Bluetooth, or buy a USB C set. Or even buy a phone with a 3.5 jack.

Or complain about it online. Then move to the next story and complain about that. Then complain about Pokémon. Then complain about some other stuff. Your choice, and we all know which one you are choosing.

Posted via the Android Central App

You can move forward but the benefits have to be obvious and not theoretical. Also why aren't people allowed to complain?

Stupid ass comment

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

Because I contribute and don't kiss ass also didn't answer my question, not that i expected you to.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

I don't know, he basically chastises everybody like they're a damned child or something unless they say something complementing Samsung, as he is one of the most acid Samsung fanboys on here. And I know he will be pissed when I post this, but people are always pissed when they get exposed.

But there is a benefit. Less ports means more internal space for bigger batteries. But it doesn't benefit you, so it is stupid. Anyways, moving on to the next article where you just piss and moan.

Posted via the Android Central App

Nice copout, I expect you to dismiss all concerns in the next article as well.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

thatguy97. You are AC's biggest troll. You love to see (or try to make them) squirm and complain about EVERYTHING. How are you not booted? Get off AC's Richard because you're riding it hard day and night. You claim to be a faithful. LOL! You go out of your way to make AC squirm or pissed. Why do you come here if all you're going to do is complain? You're not about having your voice heard. And your voice heard where? AC? You're an AC troll... Not a concerned reader that is concerned, but a straight up troll that will find anything.. ANYTHING! To complain about (unless it's Jerry). Get off AC's Richard, get another hobby besides "skimming" AC's articles and running to the comment section as soon as you finger can click it and grow up. You got those Joe Tough Guy Twitter Fingers everyday and it's obnoxious. You are the FARTHEST thing from an AC "faithful" and I can't wait for the day one of the big guys here at AC goes through your comment history and boots your ass. When I (and many of us) see your avatar, we know you're complaining about something to get a rise out of the AC crew. Did you apply here for a job and they turned you down?

Posted via the Android Central App

There are much better ways of making more space for larger batteries.

Why don't you just drop the personal attacks, man? Unless thatguy97 stole your car and then laced it to your girlfriend in the back seat while eating your last stash of Oreos, I really don't understand why you can't live and let live?

Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...

I really think that making phones thinner is why they don't have bigger batteries. I don't mind having a thicker phone to have a bigger battery.

Same here, but for some reason manufacturers are married to the idea thinner is better.

Posted via the Android Central App

Exactly. That's how they managed to stuff a 3500 mAh battery in a 7mm phone. And that's also why the iPhone 7 is probably not going to have it, firstly because it's APPLE, and secondly because the iPhone 7 is supposed to have a 2,000 (?) mAh battery.

This is how I see it. I agree that losing the head phone jack sucks, but as far as moving forward, technology with USB C now allows you to have one port for all your needs. Charging, file transfer and now audio playback. There's no need for more than on component to buy or take up space in your device. Companies buy one component as opposed to multiple.

Posted via the Android Central App

Mini USB could supply charging, file transfer, and audio playback.

HTC already tried this and people hated it. People will hate this.

HellNo, Moto.

Oh, you mean like gvndeb60? Because that shoe certainly fits right now.

But somehow I don't think you did mean gvndeb60, and somehow I doubt you see the irony in your post.

Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...

He's choosing to express his opinion. For some reason it upsets you when people have a negative opinion. Excluding yourself, of course, because it must be okay to complain about complainers, right?? Ridiculous.

I've tried to explain this before, and here I go again. Criticism is just as valid a form of feedback as praise. You might attempt to counter that by saying it's not valid when it's criticism for criticism's sake, and you'd be nearer the mark, but that doesn't work here. Dude has a good reason for wanting to keep the 3.5mm jack, and he's not alone. Furthermore, all his "complaints" have the force of reason behind them, and that's more than I can say for the crusaders who insist on berating those who dare to challenge change.

I use Bluetooth earbuds but eliminating the headphone jack serves no functionality purpose and only complicates the situation for those who use wired headphones. I think it's an extremely stupid move.

I agree with your comments on the wired headphone issue. I disagree on Samsung not going with USB C. That's an improvement and an easy changeover.

AC is full of apologists. The decision will hurt Moto. They took away a very basic feature many people use and didn't introduce a compelling new feature to take its place. The average person isn't going to want or care about the modular things. Bluetooth headphones are heavy, expensive, and inconvenient vs a cheap pair of buds that simply work every time. Apple might be able to get away with a dumb move like this simply because if you want iOS you have no other choice and manufacturers will make accessories for an iPhone because so many people buy iPhones. The same cannot be said of Motorola phones.

I mean seriously, they got rid of it to make the phone 1mm thinner? I havn't heard people complain about how thick phones are in years. A better option would have been to include a larger battery and headphone jack and make the phone 6mm thick.

Not thatguy97. I've encountered his posts on many articles, and they're certainly not always negative. When they are negative, I tend to think he's got a good argument, even if I don't agree with him.

Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...

What gvndeb60 said didn't seem to fit your narrative. How is what I'm doing any different?

Posted via my LG G5

It was gvndeb60 who started in with the fighting words. And that initial unwarranted attack absolutely deserved a "stupid ass comment" reply. If you start out by harrassing someone, don't be surprised when they dish it back.

Pokegate: 07/14/16 - Never Forget...

Nothing but rail against everything lol, no I rail on things worth railing about, just like you and me.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

I never seen you leave a positive comment. Ever. I've seen you tell people their opinion is wrong. Seems to be all you do here.

Posted via my LG G5

But me telling them they are wrong is a opinion too, also you must have not been here that long if you think I don't post anything positive.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

I agree. But our opinions are invalid so we shouldn't voice them.

-never played Pokémon but love it simply because it upsets so many keyboard warriors

Posted via the Android Central App

Way to be dismissive of valid opinions and concerns. Why don't you got back and read all the comments that aren't just insulting trolls and then you will see the ignorance of your comment, if you can't see this afterwards, then i can't help you.

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

I gave a valid opinion, it just happens to differ from yours. I said you can use an adapter, a set that works with USB C, a Bluetooth set, or even another phone.

Again, you don't agree, so I am wrong. Got it. Moving on and looking forward to you next set of "valid concerns and opinions on your almighty quest to question and challenge change."

Edit: Even better, do you even use wired headphones, just curious?
Oh and it goes without saying, audiophiles will be concerned BC they have invested money in the "old" standard, but technology is always evolving so we all know that going in we could be "wasting" money.

Posted via the Android Central App

I use wired headphones and your opinion in your opinion I don't give a Damn

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

So your entire argument of "we can have differing opinions and talk about them" is gone now? My opinion is mine and you don't give a damn, just supports what I said earlier.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yeah and username checks out. For the moaners a simple MotoMod with 3.5mm will be available soon.

Posted via the Android Central App

TurboPower 30 sounds better than TurboPower 28. lol

Posted via the Android Central App on the Moto X Pure Edition

I'm cool with no 3.5mm headphone jack. Sure I have wired head phones and wireless ones as well. If I get a phone without a regular headphone port and only a USB C port, it is just a good reason to buy new head phones.

Posted via the Android Central App

I don't understand the outrage. With the included adapter everyone has all the same options they have in the past.

Posted via the Android Central App

Except one that you will lose.

Not that it matters Lenovo won't sell all of these, it's a Damn Shame what they did to Moto

Posted via the Pokémon Central App

How will you lose it? Do people constantly lose the USB C adapters? Do people lose their USB to lightning adapters? Do people lose their phones, their car keys, their wallets, etc? People lose crap, should we not have wallets, car keys, phones, etc just BC some poor soul will eventually lose them? Cmon man

Posted via the Android Central App

How do you charge your phone and listen to it with the adapter? Is it some sort of passthrough adapter? Maybe they should have put in a second USB port in place of the headphone jack.

So when is? I don't think there is a "good" time, it will anger people now or later.

Posted via the Android Central App

When the alternatives mature enough so that by the time the headphone jack is killed off, the alternative is already well established so the transition isn't so painful.

The floppy disk to CDs is one pretty good example.

Posted via the Android Central App

This is not sarcasm...but isn't the new standard of Bluetooth and USB C headsets established? It isn't like they are doing away with it and giving no alternative, there is the new standard available, an older wireless standard, and adapters. I don't love the idea of ditching the headphone jack, but I do feel they have adequately prepared us for the change.

Posted via the Android Central App

Ehh, I mean, someone else did try ditching the headphone jack, but they had to bring it back in the successor, possibly due to some negative feedback, despite having an adapter supplied.

What I mean by alternative is that I would prefer if manufacturers focus on one solid alternative and work on it until it becomes feasible to fully replace an existing standard.

IMO, said alternative needs to do everything the 3.5mm jack could, but also do more and do things that the 3.5mm jack could do, but better. The one issue I have with USB-C headphones is that right now, you can't charge your phone while listening to music via headphones. Not sure if there are splitters, but I'm not really big on adaptors.

Posted via the Android Central App

They could bring back qi wireless charging. That's the feature I miss. Easy to drop the phone one handed onto the pad, especially at night with lights out. Any wired charger requires two hands and light.

Posted via Android Central App

I was going to say USB C is a step forward until you mentioned charging, good point. I would assume splitters would be the answer like on the newest MacBook, but it is still an adapter.

Posted via the Android Central App

Yeah, that's why I said that it's probably not such a good idea to kill off the headphone jack right now until some kinks are ironed out.

I still have a bunch of headphones with 3.5mm connectors, so I obviously want the jack to stay, but I'm also interested in how a new standard could evolve, but right now, there's still a few things that could do with some more development time, like charging.

I would really prefer having both a USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack, both for headphones in order to give more choice, at least until they sort out the kinks with USB-C audio so that it becomes a good alternative.

Posted via the Android Central App

USB is a step forward by itself. When you eliminate the headphone jack and cant charge while listening is when it becomes an issue. Truthfully I generally don't charge and listen at the same anyway, but I hate limitations. As someone who prefers to use bluetooth, I still don't like the concept of making a phone thinner, then losing the headphone jack and going to a thinner battery. I'm also not sure why they had to eliminate the jack on the Force model since its not as thin

It's a modular phone. Maybe a manufacturer will make a High Powered DAC with a 3.5mm jack. And a box of kleenex.

EDIT: I tried to make this a new comment, but it wouldn't. It's not directed at this conversation.

Even LeEco ommited the 3.5 mm headphone jack with Le2 and LeMax2.But they made some special headphones with some CDLA Tech.So u can grab one to use with Moto Z or Z Force,if u are not confident enough that you can't lose it.

Posted via the Android Central App

For being so concerned about audio quality maybe you guys should refrain from typing the entire time or move your mic away from the keys...

I really don't know how I feel about the dongle. Once iPhone hits it will be interesting if dongles are $0.05 / 12 or will it become a proprietary thing. If proprietary really not good.

What I am most looking forward to is moto mod batteries. Being able to pop one off and put on a fresh one I like that.