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Need something to listen to during your long holiday week? We've got you covered with this week's Android Central Podcast!

This is going to get weird. Google's doing a major revamp of Google+, the LG Watch Urbane 2 has been canceled, and Jerry is going to re-enact the first Thanksgiving in iambic pentameter. Plus, we take a look at all the encryption talk in the news lately, and we answer more of your questions live on air.

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Android Central 263: Encry8%#@5Nq2


Hey guys one of the better podcast you have done. It is very important that you talk important things such as the encryption issue in regards to Security and personal Security. All I have to say is OH YEA Jerry has it right! Oh and increase the intensity of the grow lights!

I want to see Russell and Jerry duke it out with foam light sabers their VR headsets on! That would be fun to see! That was a great podcast guys! Some really good information and some great banter.

Posted via Android Central App from a Nexus 6P or the amazing Nexus 10

I've owned 3-4. I don't own one now though, and won't for the foreseeable future.

There are two types: those that wear watches, and those that don't (smart or not)

That last line was deep, I know...

Posted via the Android Central App

Russell keep on speaking truth to power. It was entertaining. In fact the whole podcast was entertaining.

Posted via the Android Central App

Anybody still wanting to host a house full of Syrian refugees, or did that PC movement die out already?

Posted via the Android Central App

The Paris terrorists were all EU citizens, French and Belgium. About 3 million EU citizens visit the US as tourists annually.

None of the Paris terrorists were Syrian.

Most people would be surprised or have no clue that radical anti-government groups or white supremacists who are American citizens are responsible for most of the terror attacks in the US.

If Americans fear the selected Syrian refugees cleared for the US repatriation, then ISIS is succeeding in perpetuating the religious war they want to create.

ISIS doesn't care about a "religious" war. They merely want their caliphate and do what they believe their religion demands.

No, none of the Paris terrorists were Syrian, that are known of. However one of them was one of the higher ups in ISIS, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. There is also the claims that ISIS has made that they will plant terrorists among the refugees. In fact, the US has already made several arrests lately with ISIS related plots, some of whom are in fact so called refugees ( ).

There is also the fact that many of these refugees are in fact military age young men. Now, Obama says that these refuges are well vetted. But how can they be? There is no database. And even according to the State Departments own web site ( ) the average screening time is 18 to 24 months...
"...The total processing time varies depending on an applicant’s location and other circumstances, but the average time from the initial UNHCR referral to arrival as a refugee in the United States is about 18-24 months."
Now, explain how these refugees can be vetted in a shorter time when they have no paper trail, nothing in any database, then normal refugees.

The FBI director just last month said screening won't show anything if none of these people had done anything.
"Although Comey said the process has since “improved dramatically,” Syrian refugees will be even harder to check because, unlike in Iraq, U.S. soldiers have not been on the ground collecting information on the local population. “If we don’t know much about somebody, there won’t be anything in our data,” he said. “I can’t sit here and offer anybody an absolute assurance that there’s no risk associated with this.” "

What is it with you people on the left who want to blindly, with no concern about the safety of American citizens, want to open your door to potential risk? Are you saying you would be perfectly fine having people next door to you from an area such as this who has not had their background properly checked? Because if you say yes, that would be a nonsensical claim that you are willing to sacrifice your families safety.

ISIS wants to bring on the apocalypse.
No one has suggested the US should take less time or be careless about thoroughly vetting refugees.
Of the more than 2,100 Syrian refugees accepted by the United States since 2012, most of them in the past year, half are children, a quarter are adults over 60 and only 2 percent are young males at what officials called “combat age.”
The Paris terrorists were 'all' EU citizens, French and Belgium.
3 million tourists to the US annually have European Passports. Do you think they pose a greater risk than thoroughly vetted Syrian refugees? If so, what do you suggest we do about it? If not, someone's easily bamboozled you.
Want to know what should concern everyone more than your lack of awareness of ISIS apocalyptic intentions or your misplaced concern about refugees trying to escape and survive the horror and slaughter imposed by ISIS? Here it is....

NRA blocks law to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns

There was a Politician in Texas who said they shouldn't let in refugees because "it would be too easy for them to get guns"... I mean...

Posted via the Android Central App

No on has suggested that? How about the Obama who contradicts his own security experts and claims that we have this great vetting process and doesn't want to slow things down to make sure it's done right? Have you forgotten about him?

And how about the fact that one of the reasons we have such a crisis is because Obama's bluff on there being a red line was called.

It's also fascinating how the left has constantly said how these terrorists hate us because of what we do, that America is the bad guy, but that can't be said of France now can it? And ISIS rose up the moment the US pulled out of the region entirely.

Wrong. One of the 7 who blew himself to bits had gone through Greece claiming to be a refugee...Or did you miss that part because it would ruin your narrative?

Haven't you read the news?

It was a stolen passport used by a French citizen terrorist to make you afraid and confused.

Thank you everyone for adding your voices to those in support of encryption. I fear the UK government is hell bent on following China in terms of it's Internet policy, and unfortunately most of the public seem to be just nodding along, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" etc... It's worrying.

Posted via the Android Central App

Easy answer to charger question: Use the original cable that came with the power block. Other than that, never use the cable from one power block on a different power block with a higher amperage.
Our struggles and pains to make progress in the smartwatch world are ALL the fault of Dick Tracy ;) Note to self: Don't record audio with an Asus watch.
Refugees? They should be let in. The bad ones need to be filtered out, but not by religious tests.

Encryption should be available to all. Does it serve a legitimate use? Absolutely. Protection for individual phone and computer users, protection for corporate secrets, protection for your medical information for hospitals, protection for sensitive network documentation, etc. Yes, it could be used to hide illegal communications or information, but there are other ways of communication that will be put into use if encryption is barred. The other side of the coin is worse, and would include terrorists potentially having access to whatever they want because nothing is encrypted. But then, you know government officials will still use encryption, even if the public is not allowed to do so.

Wait... something positive being said about HTC? Just kidding. I'm glad you guys are not like the majority of the commenters on AC, which are at one far end or the other. The A9 would have a lot more fans if it was not so expensive, but I have one recurring nightmare: The M10 is released with the full glass face and no black bar and boomsound and excellent battery and best in class headphone performance and barn-burning performance... and in my nightmare they make it look like the A9. If they do that, then somebody kill me with a Note 5 stylus. But, make sure it goes in the right way so you can get it back out ;)

Out of the box experience is nice, but most phones are good before you load them up. Even my iPhone 5C was snappy for the first few months, but was less so under the multitude of iOS 8 updates. An iPhone 5C with iOs 9.1 is is a laggy unhappy phone, and is almost unusable in power save mode. My son's Galaxy Mega was faily quick... for about a week. And hate me if you will, but this is one aspect of HTC flagships that gets overlooked: They don't slow down or get bogged unless you load up on freeware and bad apps. My M8 is elegible for an upgrade, but with 107 apps it's a joy to use. My wife has never reset her M8 in the 10 months she's had it. I reset it as a part of the update to L, but that that was it. Her phone was turned on the day we bought it, never turned back off, and is still fast and fluid. Almost a year later, I watched as she picked it up and grinned, and out of the blue said "I love this phone".

Jerry, thanks for the brief summary on the 820... a lot of people miss things like that. It's cool that you're an aquarium guy. In school it was my job to maintain all the fish tanks and the plants in the conservatory in the science class (5 or 6 20-50 gallon tanks). I kept up having tanks for a while, but did not get into it again. Then my daughter brings home ten fish and puts them in a 5 gal tank with no filtering, plants, or aration, then puts in a tropical fish in with the goldies... Argh! Then she tries to defend the whole setup (or lack thereof based on what a guy told her at Meijer.

Thanks again for another fun podcast!