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It's that time of year in which Google tends to dump a bunch of year-end updates on us. Some good. Some ... could use a little more time in the oven. We take a look at some of the bigger changes of the past couple weeks — including the major Android Wear 5.0.1 update — and see what's worked out, and what needs more work.

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Android Central 215: Woes and wows


I'm waiting to get the note 4 until the lollipop is released on it. Hopefully they will fix all the notification bugs and make it easier on all of us.

Sent from a device beyond your wildest dreams.

I have the Note 4. I don't see anything that would stop me from buying it again, or waiting until v5 software is out. What am I missing that's that important?

Posted via the Android Central App

I don't get the tone of the first 20+ minutes. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've had absolutely no issues at all. I have an M8 converted to GPe on T-Mobile and G Watch R both running 5.0.1 and everything has worked as expected.

I agree, I don't speak for everyone. I do feel for those having issues, any problems with your phone after an update is incredibly frustrating.

Great podcast as always guys, it wouldn't be a Friday night if I didn't get to watch your podcast. The wife's in the other room watching some Kardashian crap while I'm chilling with a beer watching you guys. Happy holidays Phil, Andrew, Jerry :)

The Nexus 4 may have been pretty, but the Nexus 5 is far superior. Screen and LTE are the winners here. Also, the modest design is very easy to hold and is one of the best in-hand phones I've ever held.