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It's Thanksgiving week for us here in the U.S., so we're doing things a tad different. Phil sits down (or stands up, really) with editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie to chat up where we stand with anything and everything iOS and Android.

Hope everyone had a good holiday, and we'll be back with our regular show on Dec. 5.

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Reader comments

Android Central 213: Android and iOS Turkeys


Enjoyable! Don't stray far from AC in the Nations, so it was great seeing Rene again!
How did Phil not name this one "Gobbledegook?"

I strongly dislike kids being able to use their phones to ask the parents to buy an app. There is no reason to make parenting that impersonal, if my child wants an app he can come ask me himself.

I like conversations like these every now and then. Like three or four times a year. One of them to have the AC and iMore podcasters in a round table. You guys touch on good subjects without being very long.

Really? I must've missed the announcement. That sucks, as I listen to podcasts on the road and don't want to use the extra data, plus I can always minimize the podcast app and still listen but have the option to pull up the video when needed. Hopefully it comes back at some point.

Why don't they have apps like home screens on the Apple watch? Ie 1 at a time, swiping in a loop thru them?

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