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It's been a bit of a big week as Android 5.0 Lollipop updates start hitting devices of those who might not have hopped on board first thing. And that's caused a bit of a problem for some folks. We'll discuss what's going on, and what you can do about it. Plus, our Galaxy Note Edge review, the latest Android Wear watches, and we answer your questions live on air!

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Android Central 212: Beards and Bugs


About the branding.... This iPhone is subsidized but does not carry a logo. A little bit of a double standard how Android is treated verses Apple. It's not right in many ways.

Yeah, but the carriers are in a much better position to negotiate when it comes to Android/Google. If a carrier plays hardball with Apple, what are they going to sell if they reach an impasse? With Android, if a carrier can't come to an agreement with Google they've got a dozen other phones they can unload on subscribers instead.

It is fair. Apple went to bat to keep carrier ware off the iPhone's even before the iPhone was a success which even at the time was pretty bawlsy considering carriers were having a field day with phones back then. I'm sure Google could do the same but there is constantly so many fire's to put out that it probably is on the bottom of the list of "things to fix" about android. Google will eventually create some "project" (cringe) to maybe sorta fix it a little iconic brand like Nokia gets rid of Microsoft and 7 months later returns to the consumer market with its first Microsoft-free device, an ANDROID device...and you spent 1:14:20 without a single mention to it?

Honestly, I confess myself disappointed.

I watched the podcast last night (it was 3 AM in India) and they did have a mention of it.

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Please tell me exactly where because I've watched the recording too and didn't hear a word about it.

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at 1:05:44 or after 65 min.
They say its a nokia branded foxcon device delivered to china first and somewhen to europe. I thought it would be in February.
I'm trying die Z launcher right now and miss some widgets, like the google search bar.

Thanks. It was after yet another rambling about the Moto 360 - which I'm sick of hearing about - must have been why I missed it. Still the short comments they made where almost all factually wrong so I guess it was for the best they didn't talk more about it.

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RE: Breaking out notifications in Gmail - Exchange vs personal.

Notifications are controllable per account in Gmail. If you're using Inbox app, you can selectively receive no notifications in Gmail for your personal accounts (getting them in Inbox instead) and get Gmail notifications only with the Exchange account.

Does this work for POP3 as well? I hate having my Home and GMail mail all in one.

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My N7 2012 and N4 both work fine (the N7 is a little hitchy, but that's just due to old hardware).

Both were factory image flashed. Flash if you can, upgrade if you must...

I noticed that one of your sponsor is is amazing. I have a full sub being provided by my work. Everyone should check them out.

Also, I wanted to say, I really enjoy these Podcasts. Lots of cool info. Love how you guys just say what needs to be said (carrier logo) Don't want it, don't buy subsidized, get over it. End of story. Stop crying.
That was my favorite part.

Phil, that stainless steel watch band on your ZenWatch looks fantastic! I know you got it on Amazon, but I'm overwhelmed with options, and that looks like a quality band versus some really cheap options that are flooding Amazon. That’s EXACTLY what I'm looking for. If at all possible, can you post a link?

Great podcast, btw... As usual. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication!

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AC needs to hire someone who likes large phones, to review large phones.


As always, great podcast.

Battery life . I have a Nexus 5 , battery like on KitKat was +/- 9 hours .
On 5.0 it made 30 hours , with a bit of help . On average I had no problem going through the day without charging. On 5.0.1 battery life has gone back to what it was on KitKat.
Let me expand so more ; on 5.0 I would unplug my charger at +/- 20:00 and do nothing on the cell until I awoke the next day at 04:00 by the cells alarm , battery percentage would be between 97% to 98% .
On 5.0.1 same scenario, however the battery now is between 88% and 90% ...