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This week: We've gone hands-on with the HTC Nexus 9, we've spent some quality time with the updated Android 5.0 Lollipop preview, we recap the Verizon Sony Xperia Z3v and the latest Android Wear update — and of course we'll answer your questions live!

Thing 1: Nexus 9 and more Lollipop

Thing 2: A couple reviews

Thing 3: Other things

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Android Central 208: Zed Thrice Ved


Not everyone likes a curved back. I've had the HTC One M7 and it was more difficult to hold, more slippery. The Z3 /Z3C flat back may not be for you guys, but I really like it. With the glass back, my fingers actually get a better grip versus the aluminum backs of the M7, M8 or the G3 (faux aluminum).

Jerry, do you think if Google came out with an Android proprietary file system for external memory cards, it will make it safer or more secure?

You can format your SD card with an EXT file system now and it will work in most Android phones. But it won't work on anything else without reformatting, and Mac and Windows computers need to be set up to be able to read anything from it.

But that's hardly a good solution. Removable and swappable storage needs to have a "universal" file system for ease-of-use across a range of devices. Unfortunately, that means there is little to no security involved.

I'm sorry, Jerry, but that's nonsense. Internal storage on Nexus devices is ext4, and is still universally accessible on other devices through MTP (as buggy as Google's implementation of that is). There is no reason an SD card couldn't be formatted as ext4 and access provided through MTP as well. There you go - security, accessibility AND expandability.

The only case where a universal file system like FAT would be adventitious is if someone were physically taking the card out of the phone and reading it directly by a PC, but how many people honestly do that? By and large, the majority of people who would, would also be aware of the tools needed to read an ext3/4 formatted card, for example, the Windows Ext2Fsd driver, or OSXFuse on the Mac.

If Google's only motive was security, they could simply not allow any other format for an SD card than ext4 and to hell with whoever might want to take the card out of the phone and read it on a desktop. They've basically said to hell to anyone who wants more than 32 gigs of storage on their phones, so A- they're clearly not above telling people to go to hell, and B- there's undoubtedly far more people who'd like more storage on their phones than would regularly want to read an SD card directly on a desktop computer.

The only other possible motive for not allowing any expandable storage is to corral people into using their streaming/cloud storage services. And that's fine, they have every right to do that, but it's exactly the type of bastard move that we rightly criticize Apple for.

On this subject, you're a total Google apologist, and you should just stop.

GPS on Android Wear is for fitness. Running with a GPS enabled watch that also plays music via bluetooth in one device is the holy grail for runners. Most serious runners find carrying their phones on a run a distraction.

That's why I still have the MOTOACTV after buying the Moto360. And battery life only needs to last 4 hours with GPS enabled - especially when you can charge the watch while showering.

I hear you, but I'm willing to bet that using GPS and playing music means you won't get that 4 hours on the battery that you need.

I hope Sony can prove me wrong.

When the MOTOACTV first came out, you could not. But after about 2 months of tweaking Moto figured out how to do it - and that was over Bluetooth with a 258 mAh battery.

2 years on I can still run 2 hours on my MOTOACTV and have 30% remaining on my battery (haven't run a marathon in a couple years). If I had to run one now, the headphones would have to be wired.


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Agree I hope it's more, but I had a Samsung Gear Live, and ran with it, but when I run I don't run with my main phone (Samsung Note) so I lost all the features of GPS and continued to have to run with an old android 4.1 to track my strava app etc... I'm not going to run with my big phone but would be happy to run with a watch to get the GPS and sync back later

Hey guys the download button is broken. It seems that when I download the file it does not open with any mp3 player that I have

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I wanted the Nexus 9 to replace my 2012 Nexus 7, but the one nice feature is the pogo pins for use as a bedside reader. The 2013 had the wireless so I could do the same, but there is a lack of either in the nexus 9 making it harder to justify except as just another web device